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    30 minute hop additions?

    I am probably doing this all wrong, but the only beers I tend to have a 30 minute addition are my European Lagers. I find adds at 60 of Magnum and 30 with noble(ish) hops nail lagers, and with a 5 minute for my German Pils seem to work well for me. Gives a nice rounded bitterness and the right...
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    First All Grain Batch!

    That actually sounds like a nice recipe for a White IPA type beer. I would bet the citrus flavors of the hops will play well with the wheat malt and with the higher OG. As Bishop9.5 said, your efficiency is well in line with what to expect on the first run with new equipment. Keep focused on the...
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    Westmalle Tripel - Recipe and Process Best Practices

    Not a huge brewer of big Belgians but experienced enough I feel to reply. Take the opinion for what it’s worth. 1.This is essentially correct. I find no difference between clear candi sugar and table sugar. I would personally reduce to no more than 10% but that is my preference. 2. I find this...
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    Fermentation temp spike :(

    Your temp rise looks fairly normal and you had some headroom to begin with. In my experience, strong off flavors only tend to come when you are well out of range like 4+ degF. RDWHAHB.
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    What is your winter tap list?

    The holiday beer this year is the Carmel Amber Ale mostly because the only people drinking it really like it. In the past I have done a Maple Brown, a Dubbel, and a Winterfest inspired concoction. Other brews on my three taps will likely be a Brüt IPA, an ESB, some German Lagers (maybe some...
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    Thoughts on all in one systems

    I moved to one for mainly the time savings and ability not be there 100% of the time. The ability to dial in a temp for mash and come back to it without messing with burners is a blessing. Have to watch the boil for obvious reasons of safety and hop additions. It is also helpful to defer cleanup...
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    Support Hops in an IPA

    I added some Motueka with a few left in the boil on a saison and it worked quite well with the beer. Lots of Lime flavor with a little less aroma. New Image in my neck of the woods makes a Hazy IPA with Citra as the star and Motueka as a late/whirlpool addition that I think is a great beer. Need...
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    Support Hops in an IPA

    I will definitely second Cascade. I also find Willamette, Fuggle, and Northern Brewer to be good supports if you are looking for something less of a citrus/pine combo. On the fruity side, I am hoping to experiment with NZ hope like Waimea and Motueka for this some more, but have been impressed...
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    Starsan Left in Mason Jar When Harvesting

    I wouldn’t be too worried. If you think it is a super big deal make a starter. I say RDWHAHB.
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    Am I doing the sparge wrong?

    There are different ways depending on preference and Other equipment. I spare by putting the mash cap piece on the malt pipe and pouring water over. It get about the same time for sparge, sometimes slower if using a lot of grains that would lead to a stuck sparge. No sparge I have also done but...
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    Omega Bayern Yeast

    This strain is my go to for lagers. It has made a fine Oktoberfest, German Pils, and Vienna Lager in my household. I personally felt it really made the richness of the Munich and Vienna malts pop in my Oktoberfest. Your mileage may vary but I feel it is a popular strain for good reason. I...
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    How do you deal with setbacks?

    Setbacks are a part of creating something. It takes lots of iterations to get to exactly what you want. My best home brewed beers I consider as examples of styles I simply don’t have good examples of for purchase (as in European beers) or trendy/experimental styles that I have made to my tastes...
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    how precise does fermentation temperature control need to be before the diminishing returns make it not worth the effort?

    34/70 is the Fermentis offering of a lager yeast that many other yeast houses have. Long story short, it is a lager yeast that seems to tolerate ale temperatures well. I personally use a CoolStix cooling rod in my fermenter now, thanks to my wonderful wife. I have some water in a cooler that I...
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    how precise does fermentation temperature control need to be before the diminishing returns make it not worth the effort?

    I used to live in a similar house and here are a few of my learnings: 1. 34/70 yeast is your friend for lagers. 2.Try doing the wet t shirt on the fermenter trick. Basically use a wet towel or t shirt around the fermenter to let evaporation cool things a bit. 3.Select yeasts that can tolerate...
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    Using BrewBuilt Coolstix?

    This helps a lot. I think a lot of the issue has to do with the heat my pump gives off as well. When it runs for more than an hour or two is when things seem to go off the rails. I also think my ice packs are simply not up to par, I will have to do the 2 liter since it definitely has way more...