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    Old "Fruit Brandy" recipe???? Help

    i was given the same recipe from a friends father along with a bottle of edlerberry and raspberry brandy. Which were really good, I would suggest using bakers or beer yeast
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    White Raisin Wine

    I made a dark raisin wine. It was a 3 gallon batch and I used 9# of raisins and 3# of cane sugar. I used EC-1118 and it still crapped out with alot of residual sugar. I would take the raisins and put them in a blender with some water( do small batches) then take a gravity...
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    Spring is upon us...

    I grow my own Blackberries and Strawberries so I will be doing batches of those
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    Traditional red wine

    Are you going for kosher?
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    My first brew

    Kobayashi ? Isnt that the evil guys right hand man from the usual suspects anyone making a redfoot ale or verbal kint wheat
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    A mead sampler

    is anyone else erect
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    Um, whoops.

    This sounds like a purple book recipe if im not mistaken I made this a while ago. And go with CANDLELight and raisins
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    Moving... what do to with the mead?

    You really need to rack this before you move, because you need to elimnate as much of the lees before you put it in a car where it will be bumped and shaken and the lees is put all back in suspension
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    1 I would let it bulk age. also i would wait 6 months to see if it clears by itself before adding a fining agent 2 You can buy a bottling wand and attach it to your siphon. that is probably the easiest and involves the least amount of equipment 3 I see in your planned brews you have...
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    Black Cherry-Concord Wine: Batch #24

    1. Did you backsweeten this? 2. The next time you make this you should let it sit for more than 3 months it will be even better
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    Best DeNiro Movie?

    Although his part was small he was very good in Jackie Brown " you were beautiful" Goodfellas Theres something wrong with you Henry, why dont you get you [email protected] shine box, BaBa Booey
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    GROUP BREW: Strawberry Mead

    I will join this nonsense but i will probably scale it back to 3 gallons
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    For my next trick, Cherry Almond Vanilla

    I would not use the almonds. Im pretty sure the oils in the nuts will spoil after a while. Im not a 100% on this , so maybe someone else can back me up
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    How do you drink your Apfelwein?

    I chase whiskey with apfelvien. I never understood why people needed hard drugs, booze gets me exactly where I want.
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    Thinking about adding more sugar, your thoughts?

    What was the starting gravity of this must? What yeast did you use? I would add the dissolved sugar to the wine and gently swirl the carboy or bucket. If you dont get any activity, which you would measure with a Hydrometer, you may need to use a packet of yeast.