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  1. pipapat

    Man, I love Apfelwein

    I have about 20 kegs in my basement. Mostly stuff i age, must have gotten pushed to the back of the room when my girlfriend decided to help me "clean" up.
  2. pipapat

    Man, I love Apfelwein

    i found a 3 year old keg of this last week.... its gotten pretty good. I was pretty suprized as i wasnt much of a fan the first time i tasted it.
  3. pipapat

    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    I do love this sight!
  4. pipapat

    PH meters

    Dont get me wrong i would love a lab coat and a benchtop to test all my beer. She blinded me with science. :ban:
  5. pipapat

    PH meters

    the problem with benchtop meters is the price. we are talking 350-1500. Thats a little bit out of my price range. what podcast was that?
  6. pipapat

    PH meters

    I am in the market for a good ph meter. What is recommenced for one that wont break the bank, but will last 3 years or so if cared for. I have a budget of 175$. :rockin:
  7. pipapat - Black Friday AD!

    I would agree. My 2cents. Kegc. has a pretty good rep around here and i cant see them trying to do anything but make it right. I personally have had nothing but good experiences with them. Also i placed purchases with several other vendors on here last week and they are just getting...
  8. pipapat - Black Friday AD!

    woot!!! Ill be buying some ball locks again this year.
  9. pipapat


    cheap ball locks on b-friday?
  10. pipapat

    are they doing a black friday this year? I need too double my keg stock. lol
  11. pipapat

    Blinkman conical question

    So i have the 14 gallon conical with the triclamps and the castors. After a batch that fermented really high temp wise even in my basement with wet towel over the top of it. I need to get a upright freezer to place it in. Anyone have a model they can recommend that will work with the castors...
  12. pipapat

    14.5 Gallon Fermenator

    no worries either way. Cheers.
  13. pipapat

    Blichmann conical temp. control / fermentation chamber

    on the web site he lists models that will work with the larger ones.
  14. pipapat

    14.5 Gallon Fermenator

    if he backs out i might be game. :) pm me if that happens.
  15. pipapat

    Starting a Nano Brewery - Fermentation setup

    i second i have been poking around on there as well for a similar idea.