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    When to dry-hop while pressure fermenting

    Thanks beer factory. To clarify my original post, I was thinking of close transferring to the serving keg, which I didn't consider as a "secondary fermentation". Using your process, I would: -ferment 4 days w/ blow-off -spund after 4 days -3 to 5 days before transferring to serving keg...
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    When to dry-hop while pressure fermenting

    Brewed morebeers hop blonde yesterday, all grain for the first time. I think it went okay. My question was on the timing of dry hop additions while pressure fermenting. Recipe states to dry hop in secondary fermentation, 3-5 days. I'm keg fermenting and don't plan on doing a secondary...
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    Dry yeast with a starter?

    Thanks for all of the input everyone. It sounds like the majority of you who responded think I should just pitch it dry without rehydrating. I'm not opposed to an easier brew day with less work. Since I have no experience with dry yeast, I'll try it and see how it goes.
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    Dry yeast with a starter?

    Reading HtB and the yeast management chapter, it sounds like it's not necessary to use a starter after rehydrating dry yeast? I was planning on rehydrating my yeast per the back of the pack, then pitch this into a starter on the stir plate. The ale that I'm brewing is a hop blonde from morebeer...
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    Comparing my Homebrew to commercial - Dunkels

    I thought about this while in the store, but there weren't any dunkelweizens available. After I finish the Dunkels, maybe I'll switch to some hefeweizen and see if I can see where each one contributes to the homebrew. No mini mash, simply steep specialty grains, pour in DME, boil and cool.
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    Comparing my Homebrew to commercial - Dunkels

    I did an extract kit. Haven't tried any all grain recipes yet.
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    Comparing my Homebrew to commercial - Dunkels

    Hello all, Recently brewed a Dunkelweizen from a morebeer kit and thought it would be fun to compare to commercially available Dunkels. I'm very much a beginner, so I thought it would be fun to try and improve my tasting/brewing abilities. First up: Hofbräu Dunkel on the left, homebrew on...
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    Broken head?

    Thank you sir, still learning the terminology. I highly doubt it, but maybe? I let it ferment for three days at 64F, bumped it up to 72F for four days or so, took a gravity reading and I was right there at the high end of my FG. Spent the next 13 or so days going from 72F to 45F for cold...
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    Broken head?

    Under carb'd is possible, I had it at 10psi for about 2 weeks during cold conditioning, then transferred it to my serving keg at 15psi. Probably needs a bit more time... As far as mash, I did a partial mash with the specialty malts from the kit (8oz caramunich, 4oz pale chocolate, 4oz carafa...
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    Broken head?

    Made a dunkelweizen from kit a couple of weeks ago. When pouring from the kegerator, the head finishes or looks "broken" like how I've seen during some baking tasks before. It looks like if I took a fork, I could scoop out the broken bits, but it's just foam... Any thoughts?
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    DME without clumping?

    I've got a few brews under my belt, all extract from kits. Are there any tricks to pouring DME from the bags they typically come in into the BK without getting clumps, or clumping to the mouth of the bag? If I slow pour from the bag, I get a nice buildup that makes it difficult to pour from the...
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    First time closed transfer tips?

    I transferred a dunkelweizen last night to a serving keg for the first time, and I accidentally blasted it in. Here was the process: - emptied my corny keg full of sanitizer using a picnic tap and ~5psi into a bucket to catch the sanitizer. - hooked up the jumper between fermenting and serving...
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    What is your cutoff time of day to start brewing?

    My first batch I ever did was after work on a Friday. Extract brew from a kit, I think I started at 530pm, wrapped up at almost 10pm, and that was leaving cleanup to the next day. Learned my lesson. If I haven't started heating water by 10am, I'll wait.
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    Chilling wort - outdoor winter brewing

    Northern Colorado here. I spent the day before brew day thawing out my garden hose for use outside. I would take ~20ft sections of hose and dunk it in a 5gal bucket of warm water from the kitchen sink. Took a little while to do with 75+ feet of hose, which taught me to be more diligent about...
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    Switch to cold conditioning?

    Checked FG, and it's right at the high end for this recipe. OG was ~1.058, FG was about 1.015, which puts me in the 5.7% range (recipe says top of ABV is about 5.6%.) Disconnected the blow off tube, hooked up CO2 tank, and have it pressurized at 10psi @ 68F. Will be dropping 2 degrees a day...