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    Amp/volt meter wiring

    See how the WIT-114 is Wired : Voltage in it's Voltage input and CT in it's CT input, it should Display : Voltage (VAC), Current (AMP), Power (KW) & Energy (KWh).
  2. NerdBrewer22

    Amp/volt meter wiring

    What I did with a similar powermeter was wire it to the incoming power source after the power switch of the control panel, and connecting the CT to it (the CT is a Cylinder like Current Transformer which read the current in a Line. Chose L1 (Red one).
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    Ontario/Québec Hop growers and breeders

    I have used some Centennial like hops that my brother gave me (it was homegrown by his step brother). I used the buds after it was frozen for about 8 months. I used it in my attempt to the cream ale of the tricrops from Biermuncher. It tastes amazing. I'd be interested by some hops to brew...
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    PID Temps fluctuating a lot

    I have had sort of the same problem and I have fixed it by replacing the probes wiring (I was using SS brainded cables included with the RTD), as I found out that the problem was the original connectors were badly wired (factory connection) and the SS braiding was shorting the rtd signal. The...
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2017?

    Currently drinking my first brew of the year : + 10 Gallons Cream Ale of the tricrops = 10732
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    Something weird.. electric shock.. help!!

    Those guys at High gravity beer. I'm not very impressed but what they sold ya [emoji848]. I did Herms system too with my brother and I made him realize how important was the GFCI in that project !
  7. NerdBrewer22

    Electric newb - venturing into a 30a HERMS

    From what i'm calculating you have a potential of 10kw @ 240v which could suck in 41,6Amps. So I guess that your pumps don't use the rest of the unused load (in addition to the control system load) so i could be tripping from some temporary overload. But I can't be sure of it. Also can you show...
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    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    Yep you just found it, I made about 10 Gallons of this (bottled 36Liters) for 45$ (ingredients only). But it includes that I used 16 pounds of Pale 2-row (worth 48$ for a 25Kg bag), 2,2 pounds of flaked corn (worth 8$) and 2,2 pounds of minute rice (worth 7$). I could have used half of...
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    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    I just bottled up this Saturday afternoon, I ended bottling in two bottle types (42 x 500mL with swing caps & 36 x 341mL with standard caps). I have looked over my numbers and made the temperature correction for my OG & FG (FG at Bottling) and it looks like that : Fermentation has been...
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    Help: cream of 3 crops - US-05

    I will take a sample in my fermenters this week, I have brewed this 3 crops 2 weeks ago, so i'm most likely gonna bottle up in 2 weeks just to be sure and let it sit in bottles for 2 other weeks. I have rehydrated the US-05 before use. It is fermenting between 66-68F though. i hope it is good ^^...
  11. Herms Setup - Electric Brewery

    Herms Setup - Electric Brewery

  12. Herms Setup - Electric Brewery

    Herms Setup - Electric Brewery

  13. Herms Setup - Electric Brewery

    Herms Setup - Electric Brewery

  14. NerdBrewer22

    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    Yeah I changed my minds when putting in the corn/instant rice. I was supposed to put in half a Kilo of both but i dumped a Kilo each :p I wanted it have some kick, but be smooth. I have used some home grown Hops my brother gave me (2 oz.) Boiled 90 min. mashed 75 min. @ 153 F.
  15. NerdBrewer22

    Belgian Tripel Belgian Tripel

    Looks Interesting, ^^ I might brew something like that later or next year :D