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    Critique my three fermenter glycol loop

    Have a read of this - Breweries Glycol loop hints - plumbing
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    [BrewUNO] Another brew controller (from e-BIAB to 3 Vessel)

    Just wondering why your using Vito's (who is on these forums) boards to promote your own project - as his project you freely admit is a competitor of yours.
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    YABC-Yet a Brew Controller: BrewManiacEx

    Funny because ive just googled them, and they are all available on digikey & mouser
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    What's next for SW-controlled Brewing/Fermentation?

    That we have any projects at all is a miracle - the amount of time energy and effort dedicated to these projects is immense, all are focused on different things, with different approaches with different outcomes. The problem with simplifying is what do you focus your simplification on - For you...
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    Want to build a brew counter sans stainless - options?

    Gas or Electric build?
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    YABC-Yet a Brew Controller: BrewManiacEx

    Ok this is going to sound crazy but is there anyway that a BPL instance running on sonoff can control another sonoff (whether running BPL or tasmota)? - im starting to build a glycol setup for multiple fermentors and want to control a solenoid (cold side) with one sonoff and a silicone heater...
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    Comparing Homebrewing Software

    How about Usability as a column - as some of the software on this list is barely usable, where as others are pretty intuitive.
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    “Rochefort” water Profile

    Except the municipal water isnt used by the brewery for brewing liquor - they have their own well, and municipal water comes from Namur/Liege depending on the time of year, both are on the edge of the ardennes but not in the ardennes, but Rochford/marche-en-faemmen are very definitely in the...
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    YABC-Yet a Brew Controller: BrewManiacEx

    Hi Vito - Just looking at your new 0.4.2 - regarding the mash level sensors - can you explain the logic to me//the way you envisaged the process working? The Pin allocation is this via dallas 1-wire or via I/O pinout on the ESP8266? If you were going to implement it via the brewshield how would...
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    Gridmann Stainless Table

    They look like generic Chinese catering equipment that you can buy anywhere in the world for about $150extax any catering equipment supplier will be able to sort you out a quick google of "cheap catering bench" here in the uk showed...
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    self stirring MashTun

    Have a look at the german/lager mash stirrers that the german home-brew community build. To my mind the reason why the ale brewers don't have a stirring tradition is because of 2 factors 1: traditionally non ramped mashes (ie only at one temperature) in ales vs multi temperature mashes (and...
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    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    1) there is an open framework coming in V3 so you will be free to develop for it, but there are rumours of hall effect sensor support being baked in. 2) not that i know of but see 1)
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    Antique Mason's beer engine rebuild

    Traditionally the 1/2" to 3/8th function is taken by a check valve which prevents backflow of beer into the cask -
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    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    Most of the world (including germany where the project originates) uses 240v 13a to standard domestic sockets so hence require only 3 wires (Live neutral and earth) for their circuitry.