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    Free Download: BJCP Beer Style Chart

    Hi Everyone, I've just built a new BJCP Beer Style Chart that is free to download here. I hope everyone finds it helpful. Please post to your favorite homebrewing social media site. Thanks, Mob Barley
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    Braggot: add nutrients?

    I almost always add some kind of yeast nutrient to my beers. I keep a supply of Servomyces from White Lab on hand and drop one into the boil during the last 10 minutes. When it comes to yeast health, you can't go wrong by keeping them healthy. That being said, you shouldn't need any just...
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    Here are some .pdf tables for you to download

    Hi all, I have a few .pdf tables on my website that I thought I would share. One of my most popular pages is the Specific Gravity to Brix Converstion Table. Download a pdf here. Another nice table is the hydrometer temperature conversion table. Download a pdf here...
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    Can't decide what to brew next? Here are some tips.

    I don't know about you but sometimes the hardest part of homebrewing is deciding what to brew next. Here are some tips to help you decide.
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    Louisiana Selling my RIMS as seen at

    No, not yet...had some interest on Craigslist but nothing came of it...
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    Louisiana Selling my RIMS as seen at

    I wish I could ship it, but just the aluminum frame alone is unbelievably heavy. The guy I bought it from probably spent a fortune on aluminum stock and did all the welding himself. I got all the ideas about the furnace valves from threads on this forum. Everyone was a really big help...
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    Louisiana Selling my RIMS as seen at

    Hey all, I am selling my RIMS that is showcased on my website at I only brewed with it twice so it is basically new. I want to use the money to fund a start-up small business. I had brewed way over 50 batches with my coolers and just continued using...
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    Interview with Michael Tonsmeire, The Mad Fermentationist

    Hello fellow beer enthusiasts, I just published an interview on my website with Michael Tonsmeire, the author of American Sour Beers and beer blogger at Hope you enjoy it. Cheers! Bobby Don Johnson bdjwayne is online now Report Post...
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    Need some photos and recipes for my homebrew website!

    Hi all, I've been working on my website ( lately, updating everything, new design, mobile ready, etc. I put a few invitations on it for recipes and pictures of your brewsculpture or brewing setup. I'd appreciate it if the members of the homebrewtlak forum could help...
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    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    Would love to win any of it...
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    Interview with The Beer Chicks at

    For those interested, I have published an interview I did with The Beer Chicks, two ladies and beer sommeliers from Los Angeles. They have recently written a beer book entitled: The Naked Pint: An Unadulterated Guide to Craft Beer. The link to the interview is...
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    Need more propane pressure

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll sure give it a try.
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    Need more propane pressure

    I have a RIMS setup with honeywell gas valves, 10" hurricane burners and a dual stage Marshall regulator on the propane tank. I'm not getting enough propane to the burners. What are my options? The way I see it, I can: 1. Switch out the dual stage regulator for a single stage one or 2...