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    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Five Horizons Chocolate Stout

    Probably not. If you want a coffee flavor grind some coffee (course like a french press to prevent oxidation) and "dry hop" in the keg or secondary.
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    WLP800 Pilsner Lager Slow Start

    So I grabbed the carboy out of the fermentation chamber just before making a starter and by the time I was finished with the starter there were obvious signs of fermentation. So I didn't pitch the starter. It appears that with the lower cell count all I really needed to do was warm it up for a...
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    WLP800 Pilsner Lager Slow Start

    yeah good point. it's now been 6 days since brew day. I'm making a starter right now and am hoping to pitch it into the wort at high krausen. Not really left with any other options. Obviously pitch the right amount of yeast next time.
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    WLP800 Pilsner Lager Slow Start

    I brewed a lager (10 gallons) on tuesday evening and split into two yeasts. One fermenter got 3 vials of WLP830 and that started seeing some activity Friday morning a little over 48 hours after pitching. The second batch got two vials of WLP800 and still nothing. I understand two vials is an...
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    WLP400 Stuck Fermentation—More yeast? Bottle dregs?

    How does the beer taste? Often people get too caught up on numbers and don't bother to actually taste the beer. If it tastes good then it doesn't matter what the numbers say. Having said that you didn't mention temp. control which would help with the 1.20 curse...
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    Pre-Chilling for Lager Brewing

    I have a fridge for temp control I just don't want to wait 5+ hours before pitching the yeast.
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    Pre-Chilling for Lager Brewing

    Thanks. I was hoping to not have to do that as the preferable manner is to pitch the yeast right away but if that's the way it's gotta be then that's the way it's gotta be.
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    Pre-Chilling for Lager Brewing

    I'm curious if anyone has had success with a pre-chiller. I live in the Seattle area and generally have no issues using a therminator. I can get 12 gallons of wort to pitching temp in about 15 minutes. I would like to get into lager brewing so I need a pre-chiller. Preferably one where I can...
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    hard cider

    I keg my cider. I do about 1/2 gallon of fresh juice (high quality good stuff) mixed with 4.5 gallons of fermented apple juice. Works very well. I don't use potassium sorbet or campton tablets. It is semi sweet and tastes awesome. I have not found a way of doing this while bottle conditioning so...
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    Tips for a no stress double batch brew day

    I took advantage of the "extra hour" today and woke up early and brewed a double batch. The first kettle was fired up around 7:30am and I was done with clean up around 4:00pm. I do all grain 10 gallon batches. Here's some tips: 1) Set up your entire brewery the night before. This includes...
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    WLP007 Fast Fermentation?

    This yeast ferments very fast. I pitch at 65 and this ferments out in 3 or 4 days. Your higher temps would also make it ferment faster....
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    What Should I put in my Randall??

    I have a Blichmann Hoprocket that works as a randall and an ESB on tap. I'm thinking maybe apples or cinnamon. What else in a Randall would go good with an ESB?
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    Recipe Help: Late Hop Session Pale Ale

    I ended up using some bravo for buttering. The Amarillo smelled so good that I took out all of the cascade and did amarillo...
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    Recipe Help: Late Hop Session Pale Ale

    I'm looking to brew a 5% ABV "Pale Ale" that has the hop character of an IPA but lower alcohol and all IBUs from late additions. I'm planning on brewing this tomorrow. I'm looking for feedback on the hop bill but plan on using some sort of combination of Amarillo & Cascade. For chilling I use...
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    Rice Hulls and Pumpkin Question

    I've made a pumpkin ale with pumpkin & rice hulls in the mash and made my numbers (70%). I suspect something else happened....