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    How to get the best hop aroma from flameout additions?

    So FWIW I've been hopping my IPA's like this for about the last 6 months: 1oz bittering .5oz - 5 min 1oz - flameout, chill to 170 2oz - let stand for 30 mins @ 170, then chill and ferment as normal 3oz - dry hop in the keg I guess I should say I "start" the hop stand at 170 and allow it to...
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    cascade hops/ ipa question/critique

    only critique i'd give is i think with all those hops, you might want some more base malt to balance it out and put it somewhere between the definition of ipa and iipa (my personal favorite gray area of beer categories) I'd recommend upping the 2-row to 12-13#.
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    What Now?

    i'm likely to get made fun of for this... but i'd say Friends. there's a lot of hate for that show and I don't know why, it's a good one. The first 5 or so seasons in particular. Firefly is another real good one, it's just over so fast =[
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    How to get the best hop aroma from flameout additions?

    Just kegged a beer i brewed a couple weeks ago where i chilled the wort to 170 before adding a huge addition and did a 30 minute hopstand. It's quite a wrecking ball of flavor and aroma I must say... I'm pretty impressed. Can't wait until it's carbed and dry hopped.
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    Kegged hopped particles, solutions?

    this happens to me all the time, whether i use leaves or pellets, and i just drink the chunks. i rather enjoy it, homebrewed keg-hopped beer has a super fresh quality i just can't get from commercial beers. eventually they'll settle down (like others said) and you'll have a clear pint, but i...
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    12 hour days...

    i'm a catering chef, we have a monday through friday corporate gig which is great... untill summertime when we also do weddings on the weekends. 60-80 hour weeks for me until october, yay!
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    Great Wedding Beer Experience

    i'm a catering chef in seattle... maybe it's a NW thing but pretty much all the weddings at least have a bunch of micros in bottles alongside the keg of BMC, if not a keg of something yummy altogether. the lowest amount of effort spent on craft brew is generally a bunch red hook variety packs...
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    "Watering" down beer at bottling?

    i've also read you have to do something to the water you add or it'll oxidize the brew... boil and cool it maybe? i don't actually know though
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    Red Hook IPA...never again?

    its pretty great fresh at the brewery, though on the modest side of the IPA spectrum. sucks getting old ipas, i'm drinking a victory hop devil that tastes like a freshly mowed lawn right now, not fresh =[
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    Legacy Hops

    I'll add a further 2 cents, as i've been brewing a lot with this hop. i used it in an ipa where legacy was the premier hop, along with some ahtanum and citra, and it was really lacking that classic citrusiness of an IPA. it became earthier more than anything else, which I wasn't expecting at...
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    How to get the best hop aroma from flameout additions?

    yep, me too. ipas have been just perfect.
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    Moving to Seattle...

    Seattle's really spread out. Living close to/in the city sucks (OR really expensive) if you plan on having a car and driving, and the good brew shops are in the suburbs. Living in the suburbs sucks if you like to get tanked at the bar and are too cheap for a taxi. I live in the south end, and...
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    You know you're a home brewer when?

    when you contemplate putting in a walk-in fridge where the hot tub used to be.
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    First Bock Recipe

    That recipe looks a lot like the one I brewed a few months ago, which was excellent. Except I used about half that much carafa and I thought it was just a tad too much. That recipe will be a on the dark side of the spectrum, you might want to change it depending on what you're looking for...
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    dropping lager temp

    my best results have come from lagering uncarbed in the keg 4-8 weeks (depending on OG), then i hook it up to the gas and give it another 4 weeks. I bring it from d-rest temp to lagering temps overnight.