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    Handle for Grain Mill

    Flat rate shipping through the Usps could only be 15$. I have one I’m not using . I always use my cordless drill to crush 20 lbs at a time.
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    Keezer Life Expectancy Question

    My small fermentation keezer was not cooling as well last summer. I bought a bullit piercing valve from Supplyhouse.com and got it back up running cold in less than 10 minutes for about $10. A can of auto AC refrigerant and hose adapter is all you need. Many YouTube videos on how to revive your...
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    50%off discount — Only $12.49 can get one Inkbird waterproof instant read thermometer!

    I need one of these , please send the code . Thanks
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    OMG, not another brewing water thread

    There is a state park not too far from me , where I hunt . The water there is from springs or wells within the park . I’ll look into what the water makeup is and bring back 15 gallons for the next brew day. The water always tasted good but I’m sure it is chlorinated. Then that will lead to all...
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    OMG, not another brewing water thread

    The well water before the softener has an iron smell and has a metallic taste . I brewed a few batches before the softener was installed and was not happy with the off flavors. I have an Amber lager in the fermentor that I brewed with store bought spring water , just to see what a different...
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    OMG, not another brewing water thread

    My head is spinning trying to decide what to do with my well water . Here are my water test results. Straight from the well and after the softener.What is the better water to use ? Or would it be a good idea to use 50/50 well and softened? Which water and any recommended salt additions? Or scrap...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Thanks , it might be a month before I can brew this . Trying to change over to electric brewing.
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Could you share your Bohemian Black Lager recipe?
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    Petition to have generalized "Is my water OK" and "Is my water profile OK" related posts moved away from Brew Science

    So is this a water forum? Just got my water report for my well water that was run through a softener then analyzed. What should I add and how much to brew an Amber lager. I always brew 10 gallons at a time . Is there anything that is high? Sodium perhaps? Thanks
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    Fermentation questions

    I kegged and carbed at 1.019 which fits the 77% attenuation. The flavor is good , I’m still experimenting with my soft water chemistry and untreated hard water with high iron and manganese. I brew 10 gals at a time and ferment in a half keg in a temperature controlled keezer . Just need to get...
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    DIY Carboy Carrier

    Fish net stockings for a carboy, sexy , nice job!
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    Fermentation questions

    I made an Amber ale on Sunday and used Lallemand Nottingham dry yeast . The wort went into my half keg fermenter at 66 F keezer at noon Sunday and by Tuesday evening all bubbling had stopped except for an occasional bubble every minute .The fermentation was fast and furious , most times it was a...