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    Pears in a juicer vs pears in a garburator and pressed!

    The best way I've found to deal with pears is to let them get fully ripe, then freeze. Thaw them out and place in the press whole. Apply pressure and you get clear juice.
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    Any ideas for a 2 month (beginner) mead/melomel?

    I recommend using TONSA 3.0: https://www.meadmaderight.com/tosna.html
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    Yes, this is another thread about selling beer... but on a tiny scale.

    In highly restrictive states, such as jrgtr's state, (Mass) the local authorities can limit your beer selling activities, so even if you get a license to brew beer, you might not be able to sell it retail. https://www.connelllawoffices.com/the-different-types-of-brewery-licenses-in-massachusetts/
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    Diluting mead that’s too sweet?

    Blending is your friend, adding water should be your last choice. So just put the mead that's to sweet aside and make a dry mead. When its done and has aged somewhat, do some blending trials. You might find that your sweet mead might come together with some aging. I also recommend using Tonsa...
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    Should I dump it?

    I've had the same issue and ended up dumping it. You can try Farside suggests above and hope for the best.
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    Experience with Hard Cider from Crispin (Mitsui) apples

    I tried it a few years back, the cider came out too acidic for my taste. Use it 10-20% in a blend.
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    Love this simple cider recipe

    I'm skeptical, but I'm going to try it,
  8. madscientist451

    Why the rush?

    Nope, I don't worry about it, but I've been playing around with Imperial Hothead yeast and that strain finishes super fast. I've heard the other "Norwegian Farmhouse" strains you can get are also fast fermenters. So yeah, some people talk about how fast you can get a beer done, but I think...
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    Ocean County NJ group buy #5

    You could try sending the OP a PM and see if you get a reply.
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    Adding boiled cider to apple juice.

    Yeah I've done it a few times, makes an OK drink, the boiling changes the flavor somewhat.
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    Off flavor - cannot figure it out

    So this is before packaging? Are you kegging or bottling?
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    Missed out on the "K" word thread....

    Sorry, my sarcastic A-hole (the "a word?) side comes out after a mead tasting/blending session...... I suppose my real point was to start a discussion about how ridiculous it is that we have to be constantly monitored for political correctness. Meanwhile, elected officials on both sides say...
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    Storing apples before pressing

    I've been making hard cider for almost 20 years and here's what I have noticed: 1. Late season apples make better (hard) cider 2. Its easier to "sweat" the late season apples 4 weeks or longer because the temperatures are cooler.
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    Lets help a brewer survive

    Dixie Brewing needs your help: The word "Dixie" is now considered offensive, so they need a new name. https://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/new-orleans-dixie-beer-polls-public-renaming-company I know there are lots of clever, creative people here on HBT, so why not pull together and help out a...
  15. madscientist451

    Am I going to poison myself??

    When you opened it, if it was going "off" you wold have noticed something, like a bad smell or extra off-gassing. But.....since you DID notice a funky flavor, maybe you are right about it. You could pasteurize your batch of cider to kill anything that's in there......