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    Hops Lifespan

    I posted earlier about the lifespan of yeast now looking into my hops ... Do they degrade with time? I have kept them air sealed but have about 2 lbs over a year old how long do these keep and are there any downsides to older hops
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    How long is yeast viable

    I was wanting to know about that as well does it just go dormant or is there a chance for more mutations in the older yeast vs younger. Pretty sure I'm gonna try it and will let all know how it turns out... Anyone have any favorite Belgium recipes they would like to share. Previous batch was a...
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    How long is yeast viable

    I will indeed at least try it. Can't stand to waste yeast, guess ill be making a Belgium in the upcoming week
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    How long is yeast viable

    I was thinking it is getting close to its end but have 4 20oz bottles about 1/4 filled with yeast and I keep seeing it every time I get a tasty homebrew.
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    How long is yeast viable

    I made a hefeweizen beer last summer. I collected yeast from this batch in mid may and have had it stored in the fridge since then. If I brew with this, will there be any downfalls. How long has everyone else stored yeast for in the past?
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    Doubling up batches

    Thanks just wanted to make sure I didn't need any time adjustments
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    Doubling up batches

    I have been doing all grain for about a year now and want to double up my batches. I am in the process of welding up a keggle. My question is when doubling a recipe do all the mash Sparge and boil times remain the same. Do I just double the recipe and follow the same process? Any info is...
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    Oatmeal Stout Priming Suggestions???

    I am about to bottle my first oatmeal stout. Can anyone let me know how much priming sugar I should use? My recipe says 5oz wt. Is this good or can anyone give me some better advice. This is only my 4th all grain brew and it looks/smells good. Thanks
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    Oatmeal Stout First Go Question

    Thanks to all, long week of work so just getting around to reading replies. I see the consensus is to add more oats so I think I will bump it up to about 1.5# and see what that gives me. Also I am planning on about 2 wk primary and 2 wk secondary in carboy. Do I even need to worry about putting...
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    Oatmeal Stout First Go Question

    I am on my 4th all grain batch and I have decided to try an Oatmeal Stout. My recipe is as follows: 9# 2 row 8 oz Oats 12 oz Chocolate Malt 12 oz roasted barley 1 oz fuggle hops and irish ale wyeast My question is when I am fermenting what temperature should this batch be at for the...
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    Yeast Starter Question

    can i use the wort from a previous batch is what i should have said. In other words how long will my previous wort be viable if refrigerated or should I just get some extract and not worry about it. I havent had any problems with pitching straight from the packets and is it worth the risk of...
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    Yeast Starter Question

    I am getting ready to start my 3rd All Grain batch. The last 2 I havent worried about a yeast starter I just dumped in my WYeast packet. I just picked up one of the liquid Vials for my next brew and wanted to know about a starter. Can I use one of my Previous brews as the starting medium (i'm...
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    Priming Sugar in American Lager

    I am on my second try at all grain brewing. My first batch was a pre-boxed Hefeweizen recipe, it came out good but a little under carbed. My new batch is an american lager that I had in the primary fermenter for approx. 3 wks. then secondary for 3 wks. in cold basement. I am ready to bottle and...
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    A good Lager Recipe???

    I am just getting into all grain and I have: 10# 2-row malt 10# 6-row Hallertauer hops Cascade hops American lager wyeast I found a recipe with these ingredients and 1# rice, anyone have any good ideas for a good lighter lager recipe using these ingredients?
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    Belgium White All Grain Brew Concern

    I think I will go with the secondary fermenter after about 2 wks (mainly so I can start another brew in my primary) any one have a good recipe for a lager I have 10#s 2-row malt, 10# 6-row, some hallertauer hops, cascade hops, and american lager wyeast. The recipe I found uses these ingredients...