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  1. KokomoSam

    Waterloo Dark

    sorry for the zombie thread, but I am also wondering if anyone has tried to make a clone of Brick's Waterloo Dark. I travel to Waterloo Ontario on business occasionally and do like this beer. any thing changed in the past few years on this front?
  2. KokomoSam

    Making the jump to kegging

    I am in a similar boat and I decided to go the baby steps route to start with... I purchased a kit like this... My thought is .. It easily fits in my 4.4 cubic foot beer fridge, could probably sneak it in the main...
  3. KokomoSam

    Prefered method for serving kegged beer without kegerator?

    That sounds right to me but if you want to get fancy check out this thread
  4. KokomoSam

    FastRack Party Pack Giveaway! - Open to All Members!

    Yes please. I love these things.
  5. KokomoSam

    National Homebrewer's Conference - HomeBrewTalk Giveaway - Open to All!

    attend a local beer fest and brew some beer.
  6. KokomoSam

    Indiana FS: $50 commercial quality undercounter refrigerators for fermentation chamber builds

    BTW, how did you get so many? were these pulled from a hotel or something? Sam
  7. KokomoSam

    Started my first hot sauce

    Yooper - New to hot sauce and a little confused. For the recipe above is there no pepper mash? Follow the directions and it is ready to go?
  8. KokomoSam

    Dual 2000W 120V Recirculating eBIAB Build

    Hey Russki! Long time no talk. When you say you got the chugger pump did you get the stainless and polysulfone head? Inline or center?
  9. KokomoSam

    best digital thermometer?

    I am embarrassed to tell you the number of thermometers I tried before I settled on one I thought worked well enough to use. I am willing to share with you the one I finally settled on: Thermoworks RT600. Spend the extra money...