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    How to sour a beer?

    You could try not cleaning your tap lines, like I did. Worked for me.
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    what's the shortest time you've had a starter sit before pitching?

    Twice, with very fresh yeast (packaged by Wyeast within 2-3 weeks prior to brew day), I inoculated a starter around 1pm, and pitched into high gravity (1.090) wort at 9 or 10 pm. Both times there was a lot of activity in the starter (krausen). Both batches got off to fast, wild fermentation...
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    Consumer to Production

    Where does the 100/200 gallons per year limit come from? I suppose one could always drink the evidence....
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    Recipe help!

    Well, I just noticed that I also have 3.3# of Bavarian Wheat LME too. Please, help me concoct something out of this. An octoberfest ale maybe?
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    Recipe help!

    Thanks BrewRI (that was quick!). I should have noted the need for a quick turnaround. I am planning to keg & force carb, so that should help. I usually let my beers age for a while, but necessity (i.e. out of beer) has "forced" me to turn a batch or two around this quickly, and they have been...
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    Recipe help!

    Hello all, I am expecting a housefull for Thanksgiving, and all I have on hand is a bunch of big beers that will make the old people's eyes bug out. I would like to make a good session beer for the crowd out of the ingredients I already have on hand, to wit: 4# Belgian 2-row (my bag sez...
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    Thanks. What I'm wondering is whether I should just pitch the whole packet, half a packet and discard the rest, or half packet and hold on to the rest for the next batch.
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    So, if I want to turn my garage sale Mr. Beer fermenter into a Mr. Apfelvein, should I pitch a whole package of yeast, or half? If I pitch half the yeast, can I save the rest? (And please, do not call me a cheap bastard because I'm not a bastard.)
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    I've got 5 gallons bubbling away as I type. 14,265. Woot woot. :fro:
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    Why not use ice to cool wort?

    Got it. Doesn't this change though if the ice water is filtered? My ice dispenser uses filtered water, unlike my tap (which contains chloramine -- I am thinking about changing this).
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    Why not use ice to cool wort?

    Okay, I get that ice from the factory is an unknown. What I am still wondering is why is it that I may safely pour water from my tap into the fermenter, but I should not use ice from my own tap. The same tap that I would use to top off the fermenter. I do full boils. BUT, for a 5.25 gal...
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    Why not use ice to cool wort?

    I've been reading through some of the threads on wort cooling. It seems that a lot of people are opposed to adding ice to the wort (a la Alton Brown) because of risk of infection. Yet topping off with water is extremely common. So why not top off with ice to get the temps down more quickly...
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    Ways to mellow a "grapefruity" IPA?

    In my experience, the grapefruit will eventually mellow into citrus over the next 3-4 weeks. Some love the grapefruit, I do not. I do, however, relish the citrus, if you know what I mean.
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    Help-too bitter Amber Ale

    So, at this point I've decided upon the following: 1) add 1 oz crystal (dryhop) to balance/counteract/just go with the bombastic grapefruit. Its already had a week in primary, a week in secondary (unhopped) plus another week w/ 1 oz amarillo. I would add a fourth week w/ the additional 1 oz...
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    Help-too bitter Amber Ale

    Thanks to all who responded. Sounds like a little more aging is in order for my bitter grapefruit bomb, so that's what I'm going to do.