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    American ipa

    I use a Munich and sometimes I use Vienna as well as crystal 20.
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    Whitelabs WLP 800 Temp confusion

    On the bottle it stays to pitch at 70* until ferm starts and them continue to lower lager temps.. But it's a tricky step... Too fast a drop and you risk a stall and yeast to fall out ... I learned through this forum to start clod and let free rise to your target temp. With proper pitch rates...
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    High Than Expected FG

    My first thought and impression was your mash temp at 158.... And would account for your higher than expected gravity... 153 is about the ideal temp range as a rule of thumb... That temp range unleashed a bunch of unfermentable dextrine of of the starch molecule. Giving you much larger body...
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    Glass carboy explosion

    I have a bucket fermentation and has a tight lid... Takes some effort to get it off... The bubbler got clogged and found the lid blew of and sprayed the interior of the ferm fridge. This was also nearing the end of primary as well... I most deff worry about glass carboys.. Not so much for...
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    Has anyone tried this quick-lagering method?

    I am finishing up drinking the last of a second keg... On the same process.. Absolutely awesome time frame for a very tastey Marzen... Although I'll admit it was a triple decoction... And a very long brew day But this last iteration was the best.. Not the clearest due to not using gelatin this...
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    American Pale Ale Da Yooper's House Pale Ale

    Oh man that is harsh... Sorry for your loss
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    American Pale Ale Da Yooper's House Pale Ale

    I have another in fermenter and bubbling away .... American ale yeast from wyeast 1 l starter and ferment took off 8 hrs. O.g. 1.062 About 5% increase in efficiency doing a batch sparge. And expected to finish at 1.013.
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    How do you make GOOD homebrew?

    Huh! I'm a woodworker too. For over the past 35 yrs as well as being a firefighter.... Beer making has been a new obsession
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    How do you make GOOD homebrew?

    To op.... I too was dissatisfied with extract brewing just didnt feel i was getting the beer i was looking for.... This is precisely why I went to AG brewing yes took longer but the end result is what was sought after. Taste and flavor was a controllable factor and can make a wide range of...
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    Has anyone tried this quick-lagering method?

    Well sure! However im sure that there are some amazing marzen/Oktoberfest on the recipe board....brulosopher included im sure
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    Has anyone tried this quick-lagering method?

    an Oktoberfest 30 days grain to glass... Pretty clear i might say and very good iteration of a marzen The process is sound and I might say was a bit nervous committing the short time and effort in the hopes that 60-90 days isn't always needed to make good German lagers... I will second...
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    American Amber Ale American Amber Ale

    Oh it is very tasty!!!
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    Is adding 1 gram/Gallon to my city water enough for a fairly good profile?

    I was informed here in folsom that for an amber ale or of the like...3.5g calcium chloride and 5 g gypsum in the mash and same amount in the the brew kettlefor a 6.5 gallon boil volume..... I must say Hit the mark and made for a very good beer... If folsom and west sacramento is about similar...
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    Lager question

    I just did an Oktoberfest in 30 days grain to glass using this process ... Worked very very well..