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  1. Kevin K

    How often do you brew?

    Not freaking often enough since I've switched over to a two tap kegerator. It seems the friends are coming out of the woodwork now. I should be brewing at least every two weeks to keep up with their/my demand, but it's hard to find the time with extensive reno's underway. The plus side is that...
  2. Kevin K

    Show us your Kegerator

    That tap handle kicks ass!
  3. Kevin K

    Day 3, Fermenter Activity Stops

    I quit using a secondary altogether, and haven't looked back. My beer stays in the primary carboy for a minimum of three weeks, and then I keg. My beer has never been clearer, or tasted better. I save a ton of time and hassle by skipping the secondary. Reputable homebrewers like Jamil Z...
  4. Kevin K

    No Mas Sleep

    Congrats! Great looking kid!
  5. Kevin K

    Should i secondary?

    I've quit using a secondary altogether, after listening to Jamil's show on the brewing network. 3-4 weeks after brew day I keg. My beer is just as clear as when I used to rack to secondary, if not clearer. No difference in taste that I can tell, plus I save a step and reduce the chance of...
  6. Kevin K

    Total lunar eclipse tonight

    Took several like this through our Kodak P712 tonite.
  7. Kevin K

    Parents' Mustangs

    Great looking cars. I watched Knight Rider the movie last night, horrible horrible movie, but the car was nice to look at. Those firewalls don't do much for the look of those buildings though. :)
  8. Kevin K

    3-2-1 vs. 1-2-3 Method

    Give it another two weeks, it'll clear up. You should be able to get almost all of that beer of the yeast bed without sucking up too much unwanted gunk. I did it for the first time this weekend, and did pretty good. The first pint was a little foggy, the rest clear.
  9. Kevin K

    3-2-1 vs. 1-2-3 Method

    It goes great. 3 weeks in the primary, almost a week in the keg, and the beer is fantastic. I dry hopped this batch in the primary after fermentation was complete, and the result is a nice smooth beer, with just a touch of bitterness at finish. A damn fine beer for my first kegging...
  10. Kevin K

    Ugh friends w/kids (sorry long rant)

    No, you've got it right.
  11. Kevin K

    Ugh friends w/kids (sorry long rant)

    Simply put, people without kids do not understand how having kids will change you and your priorities. I'd drop any long term friendship in a second if my friend gave me any indication that he felt that way about my kids. If someone going to the bathroom to change their kids' diaper annoys...
  12. Kevin K

    Tap location question

    Just finished mine last night, and I went through the door. I went through the door because of the coolant lines (not knowing where they would be located in a circa 1950 fridge), and because the taps are more accessible for me in that location. Kevin
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  14. Kevin K

    First kegged beer racked into corny tonight...

    I've got 15 gallons in the primaries... :D
  15. Kevin K

    First kegged beer racked into corny tonight...

    Well I've got to say that I sure like racking into a corny keg a hell of a lot better than bottling. It took my father in law and I about 20 minutes to prep the newly created kegerator, and took me about 10 minutes to rack my PSI IPA into the keg for the first time. I've cranked the...