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    Plastic water jugs as carboys

    Sudsmonkey - Let me just say, "AMEN!" :mug:
  2. J

    How long in fermentation vessel?

    Keg it & drink it! :tank: I brewed a stout and before I could even transfer it to secondary I got shipped out to Iraq. Came back a year later and had some more of those "life struggles." Finally got around to bottling the stout a year and a half after brewing it and not only did it...
  3. J

    Kegging Intro

    Before I converted a chest freezer to a keggerator, I just had my keg in the corner. It carbonated fine, I just had to up the pressure to about 12 psi and leave it there. Then, when I wanted a cold beer, I poured into a frozen mug. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and it's at just about the...
  4. J

    Airlock bubbling

    I called my wife over to read this whole thread, just to prove to her that I'm not the only one!
  5. J

    Primary to secondary Racking ?s

    Honestly, you can use either method you prefer or feel more comfortable with, since your kit has both a primary fermenter and a bottling bucket w/ spigot. My kit doesn't have a primary fermenter, so I do primary fermentation in my bottling bucket and hook the tubing to the spigot when time to...
  6. J

    broken thermometer

    I would definitely write off that starter. I'm not sure what kind of metal the bb's are, but I wouldn't take the chance. Plus, even with the screen in the funnel, there could be tiny shards of glass that may have made it through. And no matter how tuff we become after a few pints, I don't...
  7. J

    Brew Partner!

    CONGRATS!!!!! Let me tell you though, babysitting and homebrewing at the same time tends to equal boilovers. Usually more than once per session too. Trust me on this one.
  8. J

    Rethinking the Rules

    I've definitely got the record for leaving a beer on the yeast cake. I brewed a stout and before I could even rack it to the secondary, I got called up for a tour in Iraq.:mad: A year later I came home and there it sat, untouched. Well, rather than dumping it, I went ahead and bottled it...
  9. J

    2nd batch (porter, extract kit) in the primary!

    Carboy caps are a great solution for the carboy. Put the cap on when the beer goes in the secondary, and attach your airlock. Then, when you're ready to rack to the bottling bucket or keg, just remove the airlock and replace with your racking cane. Put the end of the hose in your receiving...
  10. J

    First keg in the fridge

    I'm not sure if there's a way of measuring exactly how much CO2 is needed to condition a single keg. The 2 gauge regulator I have really only tells me the tank is full or when it's just about empty, since the gas continuously expands to fill the tank as it empties. However, the owner of my...
  11. J

    Deschutes Black Butte Porter

    I was at a conference in Reno this week and tried my first Deschutes Black Butte Porter. WOW! That is one awsome porter. :rockin: Probably the best I've ever had. Does anyone have a clone recipe? I would love to brew this beer, since my chances of getting the commercial version here on...
  12. J

    What if I don't have an extra fridge?

    Before I got a freezer and converted to a kegerator, I just had my keg & CO2 bottle sitting in the corner of the kitchen. When I wanted a cold beer, I took a frozen mug out of the freezer, poured a beer, and waited a couple of minutes to let it chill. We have the mugs that have liquid in...
  13. J

    Using a keg as my primary

    I always thought a cornie would serve well as a secondary. Better than a carboy because: more easily transportable, not breakable, & can use gas to push out into final keg. I would love more information on the valves you are talking about that release at 1 or 2 psi. That would eliminate...
  14. J

    My first (and SECOND) boilover

    Well, I finally got to experience a boilover. And not only did I experience my first boilover, I experienced my second one only about 3 minutes later! Thankfuly I was brewing on the patio instead of inside or SWMBO may have been a little upset when she got home. More likely though, I would...
  15. J

    new kegerator & beer is FLAT!

    OK, I think I understand the beer "going flat" after refridgeration. But, it's been in there a week, hooked up to the CO2, and it's still pretty flat. Even with a vigorous pour, there is only a skim of a head on the beer and that's gone within a minute. I upped the pressure on the tank to 11...