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    Removing Ring Clip from Keg Question..

    I just cut my top off. When I drilled my pilot hole all the pressure came out.
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    Some questions about my porter?

    This makes me sad. I wanted this to turn out near perfect. First time I've brewed for a party. Hopefully it's not too sweet.
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    Some questions about my porter?

    I used wyeast 1338 European ale yeast. I havent added the hazelnut extract yet, I do that at kegging. I did add 8 ounces of cocoa though with 5 minutes left in the boil. Sorry for not clarifying this earlier. Would the cocoa affect this?
  4. J

    Some questions about my porter?

    Brewed a chocolate hazelnut porter. My OG was 1.061 it's been 21 days in primary. Took a gravity reading and it's at 1.022 my expected final gravity according to beer smith is supposed to be 1.017. I'm a little worried it won't finish that low. I plan to leave it for another week and see if it...
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    Great Beer names

    I have an 11.5% Belgian strong ale. I call it the Baby maker.
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    Yeast Washing Method Question

    I use a washed pickle jar. Do you eat pickles? No need to use 6 small jars
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    HELP! leaky faucets

    Sometimes when you take off faucets the faucet washer sticks to the shank and can fall off. Make sure your faucet washer is still there and is seated In the back of the faucet properly before installing. Not sure exactly what type of faucet you have but if it's a standard looking faucet make...
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    How essential is a hydrometer?

    I would put it this way. If you had a child and they had a fever. Would you check their temperature with a thermometer or the back of your hand on their forehead. Hydrometer is piece of mind. I vote get one.
  9. J

    First time brewing. Bitter taste out of Primary, is something wrong?

    The anti bacterial dish soap is screaming out in your post. I would recommend not using that. Try oxyclean instead.
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    My fermentation wont wind down??

    Thanks for the replies guys! Just an update I took a gravity reading today (day 18 in primary) is at 1.014 I have a strong bubble gum smell from the sample and there is still a ton of yeast in suspension. Im still getting a bubble in my blow off every 6 seconds and there is still a 1/4" of...
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    My fermentation wont wind down??

    ok heres the deal. Brewed an ipa 14 days ago pitched wyeast 1056. Fermentation took off in 6 hours. I ferment in a better bottle with a blow off tube. Had great active churning for 3 days after. After day 3 i get 1 bubble blowing out every 3 seconds and its been this way ever since. Usually...
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    nOOb kegging question.

    About 6 months ago I got beersmith and made a clone recipe of sierra nevada northern hemisphere for my wife. She loves this beer so I thought I could make it for her. Being new to beersmith and recipe design I screwed up and had way to many ibu's, the beer was way to hoppy for what I wanted. We...
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    Sam Adams Summer Ale...

    I'm surprised to hear its still on tap where you guys are drinking. I work for a beer distributor in N.C. and we have been hooking up Octoberfest at all the bars. Makes no sense to me its been like 90-100 degrees in Raleigh everyday and they pull summer ale off the shelves??? Oh well my...