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    My first Mr. Beer, but far from my first brew

    I use my Mr Beer for apfelwein. Its perfect if you dont want to carbonate it, just drink it straight from the tap after a couple of weeks.
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    Primary Fermenter Option?

    I am going to try the same thing, I want to brew a stout for St. Pattys day and I need another bucket!
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    Yeast Washing after dry hopping?

    Ya I originally was going to get it from the primary, I just forgot to do it.
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    Apfelwein in Mr. Beer

    I tried a couple of ounces of the apfelwein out of the Mr Beer the other day after about a week of fermenting. Its definately booze, and it was pretty good after only a week. I like how the Mr Beer keg has the tap in it, it makes it really easy to sample only a shot or so of whatevers inside.
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    Red Ale Batch!

    Are you using a carboy? If so check out this thread I sucked on it the first time and had some troubles, but then I tried the carboy cap method and it was so easy!
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    Yeast Washing after dry hopping?

    I just racked my 2nd batch into my secondary onto hop pellets to dry hop it. I was going to try yeast washing after I bottle but I didnt consider the effect the hops would have. Will the wshing get rid of the hops? Or if some hops get mixed in with the yeast will it even matter? Should I...
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    2nd batch - No airlock activity but fermenting!

    I brewed my 2nd batch ever last night - Mike's American Amber extract kit from morebeer. Woke up this morning to check the fermenter (bucket) and saw that there wasnt any bubbles at all in the airlock. I checked the beer level through the bucket and saw that there was krausen , and when I put...
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    Apfelwein in Mr. Beer

    I brewed it up today, we will see how it turns out in a couple weeks!
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    Mutliple hop additions w/ 1 bag?

    Thanks for the responses. Im going to try using just the single bag and adding to it.
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    Specific weight of dextrose?

    I have a 5lb bag of dextros I want to use to prime, but I dont have a scale and I dont know how to measure out 4-5oz. Is there a known ratio between the volume in cups to the weight in lbs?
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    Mutliple hop additions w/ 1 bag?

    Im going to be brewing an extract kit with hop pellets that calls for additions of hops at different times of teh boil, but I only have 1 hop bag. Will I be ok if I just keep adding hops to the bag even if the old hops are still in there (as long as I keep the timings right for all of them)...
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    Apfelwein in Mr. Beer

    Im going to give this a try as soon as I bottle the beer thats in my Mr Beer - probably this weekend.