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    Mac endorsement

    Or you can download OpenOffice for OSX and do most everything you need to do for free. I am not a PC nor a Mac. I am not a computer. I will not get involved in this debate.
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    National Homebrew Day May 1........

    Going to a Cubs game tomorrow so I'll be celebrating NHD on Sunday. Brewing up an Irish Stout and an Hoppy Rye Ale. Om nom nom!
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    Ice Mountain

    I used to buy the 2.5 Gallon jugs of Ice Mountain for my beer. I really liked it, but didn't pay much attention to water chemistry then. Once I did start paying attention, I found out Chicago water isn't so bad for brewing, just pretty highly chlorinated. Then I built one of these...
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    HOT FUZZ/Sean of the dead

    While it doesn't have anything directly to do with Edgar Write and Simon Pegg, the British television series Black Books was fantastic! It starred Dylan Moran who played that kind of ******-baggy friend that was in love with Sean's girlfriend in Sean of the dead. He was also Simon Pegg's...
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    bottom lounge - chicago

    The Bottom Lounge is a good place. It's really big--2 floors of dining/bar area, outdoor patio off of top floor, plus the venue that holds maybe 300-400 people. The food is good (Belgian fries with parmesan, garlic, and aioli sauce are great), and the beer menu is formidable. My one complaint...
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    Bottles in dishwasher

    That's what I do. Soak them for an hour in oxyclean solution, scrub if needed, rinse, put in dishwasher, run on high with no dishwasher detergent. Have not had a problem yet.
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    Dark Lord Day 2010

    I was unable to get tickets this year. I'd been following them on twitter, saw the announcement, but by the time I was home where I could order them (about an hour later), they were all sold out. Fine, that's great. Not complaining about that. Its just that as soon as I found out they...
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    Dark Lord Day 2010

    Sold out now. Dammit!
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    What are YOU doing for St.Patrick's Day?

    Going to a German restaurant to eat some thuringers and drink a couple liters of Ayinger Jahrhundert. :mug: Sláinte!
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    Best MP3 Player? What do you like?

    That's my main music player too. Sound quality is excellent paired with a higher end set of phones. I never leave home without it..... ....except at the gym or going on a run, where I use a Sansa Clip, which is also an excellent device.
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    Inventing Ale Recipes

    Designing Great Beers by Ray Daniels is great. The first part, he talks about the different aspects for designing beers (grain bill, color, bitterness, yeast, water, etc) and the mathematical formulas for coming up with recipes. The second part he goes into details about many different styles...
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    Revolution Brewing in Chicago

    I tried to go the week after it opened. It was crazy busy with a two hour wait on a WEDNESDAY! Decided to say screw it and get ribs at Fat Willy's instead . Not sure if RevBrew has calmed down yet or not, but when it does, I look forward to sipping on their Workingman Mild Ale.
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    What Gives Irish Reds The Color?

    Roasted barley imparts the reddish color. I just made an Irish Red and used roasted barley for about 5% of my grain bill (1/4 lb) . It was a deep reddish-brown. I would have liked it to be more red, but I also used 1/4 lb Crystal 120, which is probably why it turned out so dark.
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    New Belguim, Lips fo Faith, LaFolic

    Hell ya! I fell in love with La Folie last August when I was looking for something new to try. Now every time I see it on the menu I have to order it because I'm afraid it will be gone. Which sucks because it's one of my favorite bars/restaurants that has it, and their beer menu is amazing...
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    Temp controller

    "China is here Mr. Burton."