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    2010 Hops Gardens

    Hmmmm... I'm well north of you, maybe it's my southern exposure, but it was 84deg here in the Sun Saturday. The last time it froze here over night was only a few weeks ago though. I think the wood chips have helped my hops tremendously this year though. I have fertilized more, as the...
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    Greetings from Lacey, WA

    Looks like there is a growing brew crew in the Oly area showing up this year. Nice to see some locals on here! We might just have to share a few beers over a tasting session. :mug:
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    Hello from Washington

    Welcome. Yes RT used to be out on Mud bay. The young man that ran the place got a brewer job and his dad and sis run the place now on the week day's and he is there on the w/e's. I'm just south of you off HW12 & Rochester. Have you ever been to the brewing club that meets at the...
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    Another female homebrewer

    Welcome to the passion! In brewing gender means nothing. But as a male, I like to see that brewing is crossing the gender barrier steadily. Cheers and may your next batch be the best beer you have ever had! :mug:
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    Three week dry hop?

    I finaly had room in a Keg for my latest Belgian (brewed 2-6-10, 14day primary, then to 2ndary and dry hopped) So it was 8 weeks in 2ndary dryhopped. It's carbing now. I didn't notice any grassy odors when racking to keg, but didn't tast it either. I had tasted it going into 2ndary and it...
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    Belgian Strong Fermentation

    Another thing to think about with Belgians. If you are using Candi suggars or other non Grain malts for fermentable's. You can leave them out of the boil and initial fermentation. Just boil to sanatize (candi suggar doesn't realy need it but should be disolved for best consumption by...
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    "Premium" Brew Kettle: Worth the Money?

    I bought a 9.2 gal kettle with connical botom and drain valve(side). Upgraded from Alu, turkey fryer pot to the SS. Worth every penny! Boils better, turns over the hops in the boil more evenly. Swirling durring the IC submersion durring cooling, the connical bottom is PERFECT for...
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    Broke my hops

    Something similar today.... Dang Deer took a 3'tr and ate the tip and the leaves leaving the leaves at the bottom. I'm going to leave it, hope the arms grow and start a new tip. I had that happen last year on my Cascade... Fingers crossed.
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    Newbie Hop Grower

    Large buckets work for many. Holes for drainage in bottom, then stones then good soil all the way to the top. Plant one type per bucket/container. or you will never be able to tell what is growing where. Make some poles 16' 2x6's ripped with and X top for 4 climbing lines would be fine as...
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    I know another GD squirrels thread !!!!!

    1000fps... Hollow point or sharp tip... works like a charm... quiet too!:rockin:
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    Fertilizer recomendations??

    Ok, Hops are 3'+ and doing Great, but I've noticed that they aren't as Green leafed as last year, when I had ammendments to the soil (1st year). So I was thinking I'd buy some fertilizer to add, but came accross other threads discussing Coffee grounds, fire ash, compost, etc to add. So as I...
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    How long is too long to "Dry Hop"...

    Ok, I've been busy lately, but it's a good thing for the most part. 3 weeks in Primary... (too busy to rack any earlier)... 1 week in 2ndary then had a moment and added my dry hop addition... now it's 2 weeks later and I ment to rack it off to keg over the w/e but too many chores... oh and the...
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    lets see those hopyards!!!!!

    Envy.... hate.... loathing..... That lucky SOB! NICE hop yard! Mine will not be that big, but I'm hoping for ONE row as full as that.. Fingers crossed this year.
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    What to do??? HELP!

    Ok. I'll have to look for the shoots 3-4 feet away.... EEEK! As for bugs and mold??? Didn't have any issues last year that caused any problems... Fingers crossed same goes this year!
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    What to do??? HELP!

    Saute them??? Realy??? So I should cut back to 10 or so... Then thin more later... I'll have to get the clippers out and get the thinner white ones cut when I get home this afternoon. I take it I should do the same with any other plant if they get to 10 or more shoots too right? Cut...