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  1. FromZwolle

    Trying temp control

    the same way we all do... :p
  2. FromZwolle

    Cider turning acid

    i don't think you can stop it completely, but no more o2 should slow it down to a slug pace. that being said, it will still keep eating the alcohol until all the dissolved o2 is gone.
  3. FromZwolle

    hard seltzer syrups?

    anyone have any luck finding good seltzer flavorings? i was thinking of using a fruit flavored syrup in the keg, but i don't wanna waste the time and effort if someone has stumbled upon the 'secret' flavor ingredients. p.s.-i hate hard seltzers on their own, but as part of a mixed cocktail...
  4. FromZwolle

    Cider turning acid

    if you keg and backsweeten, you might get away with neutralizing the acid with a little base addition. the bigger problem is the infection causing it. that won't go away and will need to be dealt with when cleaning equipment.
  5. FromZwolle

    Trying to find a 15 gallon plastic drum

    you can't just lay down a bead of silicone and a few weights on top for a decent seal?
  6. FromZwolle

    Pellicle Photo Collection

    congrats, you made a dry liquid.
  7. FromZwolle

    First time, no sanitizer, pee'd on it...

    in light of all the recent necropostings, why not?
  8. FromZwolle

    HBT Literary Night Open Mic

    oh my beloved beauty, let me caress dat booty, let's go to the boudoir, and commence.... wait a sec. oh, crap. this sparge is stuck. nevermind, tomorrow, i promise.
  9. FromZwolle

    Munich Dunkel question

    melanoiden is the cheater malt to skip decoction. victory should add that biscuit toasted bread flavor that is usually present in british pale malts. carafa adds that slight chocolate/fig/caramel note. you'll do well with a little carafa, skip the others. my preference is to use the darker...
  10. FromZwolle

    Anyone use a paintball CO2 tank?

    i did for a time. they're far more expensive to fill than a 5# co2 tank swap. you can indeed use a normal regulator with a proper adapter. pay attention to the thread size (tpi) of both your tank and the regulator. there are pretty standard sizes, but then again, sometimes you end up with...
  11. FromZwolle

    New to Kegging - 100% CO2 or Nitrogen/CO2 Mix?

    slightly off topic, but is there any source for small canisters of beer gas? google hasn't found anything for me.
  12. FromZwolle

    Mushy Curd Set-up

    I've had a couple run-ins with sale price milk that never wanted to gel.
  13. FromZwolle

    Mushy Curd Set-up

    essentially, the high heat pasteurization can damage the proteins needed for proper curd formation. no amount of rennet will 'fix' it.
  14. FromZwolle

    Mushy Curd Set-up

    it may well be the pasteurization methods that the milk went through before you got it. if they pasteurize above 180, it can make the milk essentially garbage for cheesemaking anything other than the acid coagulated cheeses (yogurt, chevre, rocamadour). Do you have other sources (brands) of...