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    What beer/homebrew blogs/magazines do you read?

    I read Zymurgy in print, and follow Brulosophy online.
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    WLP 037 Yorkshire Square Yeast Results

    So, I finally got around to using this yeast in my ESB. I've been anticipating doing this beer since I got this yeast almost a year ago, since it's my house beer, and it's a yeast I've been waiting a long time to use. I really, REALLY, wanted to like this yeast. I wanted to fanboy all over the...
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    How many gallons brewed in 2019!

    2082 + 31 gallons American Wheat = 2113
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    Imperial Stout Russian Imperial Stout (2011 HBT Competition Category Winner)

    I just bottled up this batch. Final gravity was 1.015. The Darkness is a very high attenuating yeast. Test jar sample had a flavors of licorice, coffee, and chocolate and was just a tad boozy. Thankfully it's not a sugar bomb like some of the stouts I've been purchasing lately. Competition...
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    What brand BIAB bag do you use?

    I've got a Brew bag for my 20 gallon mash tun. I got their HD pulled to go with it and it's served me well. I've done 40+ pounds of grain suspended from the underside of the deck. Since my mash tun is high, the straps help bring the bag a little higher when hoisting it up. Since I have a low...
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    Hornindal Kveik is blowing my mind

    A derivative of the Omega recipe. For 6 gallons (~23 liters) Pilsen Malt - 9 lbs (90%) White Wheat - 1 lb (10%) Columbus - .5 oz at 15 minutes Vic Secret- 1 oz at flameout Motueka - .5 oz at flameout Hallertau Blanc - .5 oz at flameout Nelson Sauvin - 2 oz dry hop for 2 days Directions...
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    Hornindal Kveik is blowing my mind

    Had a brut IPA yesterday made with Hornindal and it was everything I hoped and more. The orange esters highlighted the hop profile and added a perceived sweetness to an otherwise super dry beer. I only make one IPA a year and next year I'll do it Brut with Hornindal.
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    Hornindal Kveik is blowing my mind

    I did not cold crash, but I did oxygenate the wort. OG was about 1.051 and FG was about 1.006 (slight variations between the 4 batches). I also carbed with corn sugar, not honey.
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    Hornindal Kveik is blowing my mind

    There was a comment earlier about fears of under-carbonation when bottling. Fear not. I bottled about 30 cases, put it in a closet with a space heater set for 80°F and two weeks later I've got perfectly carbed bottles. This was using beer that had sat in the carboy/bucket for three weeks before...
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    WLP037 Yorksire Ale is leaving the vault

    I finally got mine in the mail. Will Brew up my standard ESB with this yeast and see how it compares. That yeast floccing characteristic reminds me of Hornindal Kveik.
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    Sweet Stout Left Hand Milk Stout Clone

    No problem. It took me a couple of iterations of practice on BrunWater to figure out what I was doing. Still learning, but getting better. Not sure if you got the paid version. I found that the features in the paid version are really worth it. Makes using the program easier. Plus, Martin sends...
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    Sweet Stout Left Hand Milk Stout Clone

    Here are my water additions. I am doing Brew in a Bag where I use half the water for the initial mash, then batch sparge with the remaining half of the water. My base water is Baltimore, untreated. Pretty good water to start with.
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    Imperial Stout Russian Imperial Stout (2011 HBT Competition Category Winner)

    Two years ago I did this and let it bulk age for six months at 50°F. It was amazing but I had lower efficiency so it only ended up at around 8.5%. This year I hit 1.103. Great action from the yeast after hitting it with some O2 and a big pitch of Imperial Darkness. Only 6 months to go.
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    How Many Gallons of Homebrew in 2018?

    10,290 +. 6 gallons blonde 10,296