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    Reducing Haze in Beer Aged on Pumpkin

    Im planning on briefly aging an already carbonated and ready to serve ESB with pieces of roasted pumpkin in a bung sided keg for one to two weeks. Ill use a hop bag to keep larger particles from being transferred once its re-racked to 1/6 BBLS, but im concerned about smaller particles and haze...
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    Effects of Acidulated Malt on Yeast Vitality

    I am anticipating using Acidulated Malt for 5-8% of a grain bill for flavoring purposes and am curious how this might affect yeast vitality and flavor profile for future brews. I am planning on using a lab culture of Wyeast 3726 for a brew containing 5-8% of Acidulated Malt; I intend to...
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    Stalled fermentation.. to repitch or nay?

    Somewhat of a Double Brown/ Milk Stout OG: 1.090 Gravity as is: 1.029 with 4.5 Points of Lactose... so if im correct: Fermentable OG: 1.0855 Fermentable Gravity as is: 1.0245 Attenuation as is: 71% out of 73%-77% range for Wyeast 1028 Its not too far off, but I believe I racked...
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    Can't get good late hopping/dry hopping results

    cool, I will look into that for sure. Although, some of the professional brewers I have spoken to here in Portland say that gypsum is not necessary with our water profile
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    Can't get good late hopping/dry hopping results

    Thanks, I will try that for sure. Anything for that aroma i can't seem to get..
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    Can't get good late hopping/dry hopping results

    I've had a lot of trouble getting good late hopping and dry hopping results... No matter what I do I can't seem to get a good hop aroma. Ive recently brewed two beers that I would think should be very aroma forward but lack very much thereof: ISA: 10 gal, 5.5%, mostly 2-row and wheat. after...
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    Bison Brewing Company Honey Basil Ale Clone

    I just tapped this beer, never done it before. It is interesting. The citrus flavors and basil do play nicely together, blending into a nice sunshiny flavor. Definitely more hop forward on the flavor when compared with the bison honey basil, the hops do cover up a bit of the basil, yet the basil...
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    Bison Brewing Company Honey Basil Ale Clone

    I did a hybrid between this recipe and a Widmer "Hef" clone yesterday. 7# 2-row 7# white wheat 1# Munich 0.3# Crys 30 2oz Hallertauer @ 45 1oz Cascade @ 10 1 oz Willamette @ 10 1.5lb Honey @ 10 Wyeast 1010 American Hef I think that the lemon aspects of the widmer wheat beer will...
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    Bines falling/rotting off?

    2nd year plants, and I have noticed that there seems to be a problem with the bines falling off near their branches, possibly rotting off. The rest of the bine itself appears to be in ok condition until after it falls off. Even the main bine (approx 8 ft) on one of my plants succumbed to...
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    Bison Brewing Company Honey Basil Ale Clone

    Used the Wyeast 1056 last summer, this time around I used the WLP 001. Pretty much the same thing from what I have heard.
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    Bison Brewing Company Honey Basil Ale Clone

    Making my first 10 gallon batch for the summer this coming Sunday! Ill be using Maris Otter instead of standard 2-row pale. Excited to see how it turns out.
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    sirachi IPA

    Could we all agree that the correct name of the sauce is "Sriracha" though... unless for some reason I am mistaken and there is some weird ingredient known as "Sirachi". Sorry, for some reason its just driving me nuts :cross:
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    Capturing/Propagating Cultures?

    Thanks for the info, that was helpful. I do like you're comparison to buying yeast as well... if I look at it that way, it makes more sense to me. Do you (or anyone) happen to know, though, do all professional cheese-makers, especially the small and local variety start out purchasing...
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    Capturing/Propagating Cultures?

    Im new to cheesemaking, just made a fresh acid coagulated goat cheese (goat milk+heat+vinegar) Very disappointed to say the least (had visions of creamy tangy Chevre). Now ive done some research, and it looks like I need to move on to using lactic bacteria cultures and rennet to get the...