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  1. EamusCatuli

    PBW Residue

    Hey all, I just cleaned most of my brewery with PBW left over night in a 1oz to 5 gallon ratio. After rinsing it all off as well as I could I noticed some white "stone" looking residue that comes off with a little elbow grease. Problem is that elbow grease doesn't work for things like hoses...
  2. EamusCatuli

    Water Profiles

    So I am getting more and more into tweaking my water. My plan is to start building it from DI/ RO water depending on the style of beer. While I can handle it, I am no chemist. Considering all DI/RO water is essentially the same, shouldn't there be SOME sort of calculator out there that takes...
  3. EamusCatuli

    Brewing with Brett

    Hey all, I am brewing a Brett on Thursday. Since it's a "wild" yeast, should I keep it separate from all my regular equipment and keep everything relating to this beer on a "private equipment island" of sorts? Thanks!
  4. EamusCatuli

    Kegged too early, RDWHAHB?

    Hey all, I kegged my steam lager too early tonight. I usually never check my FG until after I have kegged my beers and clean everything up. I suppose I should start doing it beforehand from now on after seeing that it was only at 1.020!!! Anywhoo, I just released the force carb'd pressure...
  5. EamusCatuli

    Easy Yeast Starter Question

    Made a yeast starter on 1/1, but ended up not brewing on 1/2 as planned. I threw it in the fridge (there was activity) hoping I can sit it out on my next planned brewday and use it ala carte. Most likely on Saturday. Is there any extra steps I would need to take?
  6. EamusCatuli

    Fermentation temps AFTER primary...

    How much do they matter? My ferm. chamber can only handle one 5gal bucket at a time and if I only go one beer at a time then I am looking at 3-4 weeks between brewing sessions (over my dead body!) So, if I allow each primary 7-10 days at proper fermentation temps and then take them out to sit at...
  7. EamusCatuli

    Can I use a Corny Keg as a Primary Fermenter?

    What equipment isnt fun to clean?
  8. EamusCatuli

    Can I use a Corny Keg as a Primary Fermenter?

    My fermentation chamber can only hold one 5 gallon ale pale, which sucks. However, I have a bunch of corny kegs and I could fit around 3 of them inside it instead. If I purged it everyday, couldn't this work? Thanks, Matt
  9. EamusCatuli

    American Brown Ale bottling

    I have an American Brown Ale that started at 1.050 and will finish around 1.013 (5 gal). It has been fermenting for 7 days at 67F. Please help me with my bottling plans. I plan to: - Rack to secondary and ferment an extra 7 days at 67F to finish and clear - Transfer from secondary to...
  10. EamusCatuli

    Did I bottle too soon?

    My Hefeweizen started at 1.066 and ended at 1.014. I fermented at 61F for 10 days and went straight to the bottles. I used 4oz of corn sugar for priming 5 gallons of beer. They sat at room temperate (68-70F) after bottling. Because I had a good feeling about this beer I could not resist to...
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    Pilsner Questions

    Care to elaborate? Also, is distilled water pretty much the same as deionized? EDIT - Also, how big of a yeast starter is big? Any advice on the size? Thanks!
  12. EamusCatuli

    Pilsner Questions

    Would I need to invest in some equipment to make some RO water?
  13. EamusCatuli

    Pilsner Questions

    Im afraid I'm unable to because your avatar is too awesome.
  14. EamusCatuli

    Pilsner Questions

    Hello! I finally have a fermentation chamber so I can brew lagers and pilsners! Woot! I want to brew a bohemian pilsner first, but I have some questions that I hope to answer. BJCP says ingredients should include - Soft water with low mineral content, Saaz hops, Moravian malted...