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  1. E-Mursed

    Chicago Temperature issue

    Do you have a heating pad? You could apply the heating pad for a time and then wrap the carboy/bucket in a blanket. I would also try to get something between the floor and the carboy/bucket to reduce the cold transfer. JMO
  2. E-Mursed

    Things You Can Only Say To Another Brewer.

    It smells like rhino farts down in the basement and my SWMBO is pissed.
  3. E-Mursed

    Counterflow wort chiller

    Gravity works well with mine. The slower rate of flow ensures effective cooling from 215 down to 50 degrees. I use my old IC as a pre-chiller in a bucket of ice water.
  4. E-Mursed

    Michigan Breweries Help ASAP

    +1 to the Good Humans from Shorts. Their Bellaire Brown is pretty bland, but the Good Humans is a great seasonal that I always look forward to.
  5. E-Mursed

    Dog knocked over carboy. How ruined is my beer?

    This sounds like a good excuse to start brewing in 5 or 6 gallon carboys. I triple dog dare that dog to knock over one of those. :cross:
  6. E-Mursed

    Bitter american pale!!

    Fine looking beer!! I'd tap it.....
  7. E-Mursed

    What commercial beers are in your 'fridge?

    Just picked up a couple sixers of Short's Good Humans - it's a seasonal double brown dry hopped ale. Love most everything that comes out of Short's Brewery.
  8. E-Mursed

    Completely cleaning old carboy

    I've had starsan take out water deposits before.
  9. E-Mursed


    Delivers for free? If so who and where is this company?
  10. E-Mursed

    Hop Union 1# bags- resealable?

    That's what I thought based on my belief that they use a thicker mylar style bag. I always transfer my hops to foodsaver bags when I break into a pound bag.
  11. E-Mursed

    Hop Union 1# bags- resealable?

    Good to know.
  12. E-Mursed

    Hop Union 1# bags- resealable?

    Don't know if a food saver will seal the type of bag they use. If you try to reseal it- post your results.
  13. E-Mursed

    What came in the mail for you today?

    Some universal poppets, a new funnel, and some specialty grains from Morebeer. Their free shipping got to my door in 48 hours from Philly to Detroit.
  14. E-Mursed

    Best brewery to visit in the detroit area?

    Dragonmead in Warren is another good choice. Here is a link to a Beer Advocate web page detailing Detroit area bars and breweries. http://beeradvocate.com/beerfly/city/8
  15. E-Mursed

    Closed-system pressurized fermentation technique!

    If you brew big batches and they seal I'd say they would work just fine.