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    Beer suggestions for IPA

    Start with Sierra Nevada pale ale then move to Founders All Day IPA...mellow bitterness and not as sticky to your tongue. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Things a Homebrewer Thinks

    Making oatmeal this morning and having a total different perspective on now "mashing in" my oats/sugars wondering what my OG is when i'm done and about ready to eat. What yeast should be added to Quaker "maple and brown sugar"?
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    Quick steamer basket question

    I only use the basket when i lift the bag full of grains into my sparge kettle. 1. lift bag, let drain and transfer into basket that's in the sparge kettle 2. let grains rest in bag/basket that's sitting on top of spacer that keeps it off the bottom of the kettle 3. batch sparge or dunk...
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    grr...not broken surface yet

    well to update: 3 out of the 5 are doing swell. The potted guy is almost 4', one in the garden is about 3', another in the garden is almost a foot, one never shot up (must be dead) and the last little guy prolly croaked as well...he was about 2" tall then took a turn for the worse/turned...
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    Pale Chocolate needed?

    Hey thanks guys for the info...the roasting base malt sounds techy, i like it. but, i'm impatient and want to brew in a couple days so i got a hold of a buddy. he has some regular chocolate malt that i could to ask you guys again, what would be a comparable replacement for "regular"...
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    Pale Chocolate needed?

    I have a question regarding a recipe i found in another thread. I have everything except the pale choc. Is this for color only or what could i add via the supermarket that could somewhat replace...only if needed. If it's a aesthetic thing than i'm fine omitting it but don't want to sacrifice...
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    American IPA Citra and Chinook IPA

    This sounds stellar, any one else try it? Chinook and oatmeal brown...mmm
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    Cascade Pale Ale

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    grr...not broken surface yet

    Well, one more plant showed its face! Now only one to go...but they are all slow to grow. And the one I moved outside keeps wanting to uncurl from the ripe I strung...and I am going clockwise. Its funny since he had no issue climbing the welding stick that was in his smaller prior pot. Maybe...
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    boozy twange off-flavor

    Ah, you may indeed have a point. That's common to every beer I've made is that store bought spring water. I didn't think to test it yet since going off the "if its tastes good to drink then its ok" mentality...good idea. I have an IPA that I'll bottle in a couple weeks so I'll know any...
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    What are you drinking now?

    Having a nice cool NB Ranger IPA...and am wondering if my Chinook IPA in the secondary will taste close to this...num num.
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    grr...not broken surface yet

    so, it's been 2.5 weeks and 2 of the 5 have not broke ground. how long should i wait to do an autopsy? i'd like to know what happened...if i overwatered or other but i don't want to destroy the slow-pokes as they're doing their thing. i would like to order in some more from whoever has got...
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    boozy twange off-flavor

    Well, i think i'm going to go forward thinking that my questionable flavor is likely related to pitching temps...can't think of another reasonable excuse. It's too bad i have one already fermenting, although i did cool to known upper 60's. I think on my oatmeal stout upcoming this weekend that...
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    boozy twange off-flavor

    Well, tried another that's been cooled for a couple days. I'm getting the "hot" notes at the end that people speak of...I think? It tastes decent but doesn't have a mellow finish...maybe "nail polish"?
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    boozy twange off-flavor

    hmm...well the first was wyeast 1056, just pitched after it was smacked a day or so prior (verified inflating) the second was wyeast london 1028, made starter (w/dme) after inflating the smackpack, again everything looked good to what i read the third was washed yeast from the prior cake of 1028...