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    Easy Good Cider Recipe for Newbie

    Thank you. Do you know which one I need or if those two are the same? Oechsleweight/Hydrometer to measure sugar content in wine, scale from -20 to +120 or The Oechsleweight is the winemakers most important instrument. With the help of it it is possible to obtain considerably safer results.
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    Easy Good Cider Recipe for Newbie

    Will the smell disappear after some time? Would that be a sign for the cider being 'ready'?
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    What to do when

    I'm just brewing my first stack, and I'm not even sure, if it is a cider, fruit wine or nothing at all. The ingredients are 6 litres apple juice, 2,5kg sugar, 10l water* and wild yeast, which reached 4-5% in the sugar solution in which I was growing it. Also I don't know, which yeast it is...