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    Hobgoblin and Anchor Liberty Ale?

    Hobgoblin is British. Liberty Ale is a nice beer, but no way would I pay $4.50 for one.
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    Did I kill my strip therm?

    This has not been the case for me. I've measured my fermenters with with a probe and the strip thermometer has been damn close.
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    Freezer / Keezer Pics

    How about the sitcky in the kegging/bottling section?
  4. double_e5

    milled grains question

    Brewmaster's Wharehouse sells them by the ounce.
  5. double_e5

    Made my first Apfelwein...

    I fill my 5 gallon better bottle to the neck and have never had a problem. I just get a small ring of bubbles.
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    Made my first Apfelwein...

    Wait until it starts fermenting, then get back to us about the smell!
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    This. But, the smart thing to do is use your hydrometer to make sure fermentation is complete.
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    Do brewers get drunk alone?

    So UGA is not GT's biggest rival? :confused:
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    Music Match

    No Exit - Blondie
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    Amount of sugar in bottles

    Plenty of people use them, but they are more expensive and you can't carb your bottles to a specific volume like you can with dextrose (or other sugars).
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    Making a starter...1l of water in 1l flask OK?

    The problem with measuring your DME instead of weighing it is everyone's cup or 1/2 cup is different. You should use a 10:1 water to DME ratio, which like stated above will be 1000 mL of water to 100 g of DME. This will get your starter very close to 1.040.
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    Music Match

    The Fireman - George Strait
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    1st AG tomorrow and a quick question.

    Wow...that's pretty deep. :drunk: IMO, unless your water is totally screwed don't expect to gain 12-16 points like was posted earlier. Most people's pH is fine even before the buffer, unless you are on well water.
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    Ebay feedback pisses me off

    I must be confused. If I just buy, why the hell would I be worried about feedback? If you pay for your stuff when you buy it, what is the difference?