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    Wheat malt question

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    Calculating optimal mash water additions

    Nice work! Now I won't have to print out any more of Palmer's sheets and grab the pen and ruler. EDIT: I have one suggestion. Add the Ca, Na, Cl, HCO3, etc. after each of corresponding names.
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    Still a bit in the dark

    This should help! http://www.krotchrott.com/plinytheelder.html At the bottom you can download the ProMash file. Keep in mind your AG system is most definatly different from someone elses, so be sure to account for differences such as setting the efficiency to match your system. Good luck!
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    2nd All Grain Batch, Bacteria or No Bacteria

    I'm betting busted hydrometer. 12# of 2-Row at 80% potential with 100% efficiency would only put you at 1.089. While your 1.093 is not much higher, 100% efficiency is quite a stretch (but wouldn't it be nice! :rockin:)
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    Hops Question

    The pellets will turn into a nice gooey mush after your boil. You can avoid scooping a portion of them by using a muslin bag or straining the wort as you add it to the primary. It isn't the end of the world if some end up in the primary as they will settle out, but personally I like to have as...
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    Boosting the ABV

    IMO the the local shops usually charge a fair amount of change for invert sugar. So, if you do go that route, consider THIS as an option.
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    Boosting the ABV

    No need to add any more yeast. Once you add the sugar/DME/etc you can just lightly swirl the carboy/bucket a few rotations to get some of the yeast back in suspension and they will start chomping away. Be aware however that you might end up with a dryer beer (lower FG) than you had originally...
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    Bottle Conditioning.

    As long as the bottles are not exposed to any sunlight or flourescent light, you'll be ok. Incandescent light has no affect on beer.
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    I love this bar...

    That is just an extract with grains, EG is you will. Nothing wrong with that however. I've made some good beers that way. Partial mash is when you incorporate some sparging to extract a little bit more sugars from the grains. As for you spent grain question, I just toss mine. You can always...
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    Specific Gravity Problem, or Paranoia?

    Definatly give it that extra week just to be sure. You can always try giving the carboy a little bit of a swirl to get the yeasties back up to the top. Just a few swirls clockwise, let it settle, then a few counterclockwise. Be careful not to aerate it! (but you knew that :D ).
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    Wheat malt question

    Thanks guys for the help. I'm hoping to buy the equipment for some all-grain brewing when I can scrounge up the cash, so I guess I will try all of this out later.
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    Wheat malt question

    Oh, good call. Thanks.
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    Wheat malt question

    Can any success be had when steeping wheat malt with other grains? The reason I ask is that currently I do not have a luater tun, but would like to use wheat for its head retention and flavor characteristics. Could I steep at the various temperatures needed for starch conversion then bring...
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    Yeast on a roadtrip

    I was just wondering if I should be concerned about moving some liquid yeast cross state. Would a cooler be sufficient in keeping the boys happy for about 6 hours? Also, in the instance where I won't have a cooler (bus ride back to school), will the yeast be okay exposed to 70-90 degree temps...