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  1. dkennedy

    How to judge a SMaSH comp?

    Not sure which style that would fit, I'd put it in my fridge though... Sounds great for summer!
  2. dkennedy

    What would you do?

    A pH meter is on my gadget list, despite concerns about maintenance. Once we buy the next place, itll be time for a whole new system, so the list is long :ban:
  3. dkennedy

    Using a 3-wire Dryer Outlet?

    I opted to wire a dryer cord onto a spa panel, mostly for portability (annoying habit of moving every 5 years or so). This would be a bit more elegant though.
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    Homebrew Talk Super Awesome Happy Funtime Giveaway

    All smiles about the new platform, @TxBrew !
  5. dkennedy

    Super cheap electronic boil control

    For all-manual, the Still Dragon DIY kits are pretty affordable.
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    Looking for advice on electric systems

    Not to derail the OP, but Why do you wish you'd gone with the Brew Boss? Weighing the two systems for an upgrade next year.
  7. dkennedy

    Looking for advice on electric systems

    You can run 5 gallon batches in the 15 gallon system...doesn't help with the price, but you're not forced to scale everything else up just because the kettle is bigger than you need. I'm currently planning to go with either the Brew Boss or a Colorado Brewing Systems rig (about the same price...
  8. dkennedy

    Simple 240v solution

    Dryer cord (have a dryer receptacle in my basement) wired to the spa panel, spa panel is then hard wired to the control box. From the box, then have output cord (5ish feet) to a twist lock, short pigtail with the male twist lock off the element. I'll grab a picture or two, in the process of...
  9. dkennedy

    Simple 240v solution

    ^sounds just like my rig. Still dragon controller and an element in the kettle, GFCI spa panel between the wall (basement dryer plug) and the controller. Next rig will have temp control for mashing, still weighing options (3 vessel vs 1, is the main debate).
  10. dkennedy

    Secondary Fermentation Split

    Gotcha. If it were me, I'd let it ride in primary for a month (or even two, if it needs more time to clean up) and then package...even if I had a carboy handy to do bulk aging. Let it age in the bottle, easier to sample and understand how it matures that way :tank:
  11. dkennedy

    North Carolina 10 Gallon Electric Brewery System

    Following- if you still have this when I get moved out that way, we might need to's not 100% the system that I've been specing out, but would likely fit what I actually "need".
  12. dkennedy

    North Carolina Fayetteville, NC - Homebrewers

    Good to know that they do BOP- moving to Cary/Apex in December, will be renting for a bit while house hunting and planning the new nice to still make some beer while I'm a transient.
  13. dkennedy

    Secondary Fermentation Split

    You could (lots of racking), begs the question "why are you transferring to a secondary?" though. Unless you're bulk aging for a long time, I'd let it stay right where it is until ready to package.
  14. dkennedy

    Anyone have a Fermentasaurus?

    Was looking at the same thing, found this: