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    Bottled beer didn't carbonate?

    What was the volume of beer being bottled and what kind and amount of priming sugar did you use? Did the beer ferment as expected?
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    Brew Your Own Magazine BOGO

    My buy one get one free renewal for BYO magazine is here. Anyone want to split it with me, $15 gets you a one year subscription. DM me. Thanks
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    Anyone want to split Brew Your Own subscription?

    As the title states, I got my renewal BOGO offer and thought I would see if anyone wants to split it with me. $15 (usually $30) for the year. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!
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    Any issues with milling flaked grains?

    Totally agree. This really is nothing in the grand scheme of things these days.
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    Any issues with milling flaked grains?

    I will be recirculating during the mash, so if the pump doesn't get fouled I would hope it settles at the top and I can leave most of it behind in the grain bed. I will add plenty of rice hulls just to be on the safe side. I decided to contact NB just to find out why they mixed these together...
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    Any issues with milling flaked grains?

    I wasn't happy and NB should not assume that I wanted it mixed in with the other grains. Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly.
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    Any issues with milling flaked grains?

    I will definitely add rice hulls to counteract that possiblity, that was the first thing I thought about in case it was to be an problem.
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    Any issues with milling flaked grains?

    Yeah, I don't normally use kits either, but I couldn't pass up based on price and the limited time I have to brew, let alone design a recipe these days, so I thought I would just give them a chance again as. I haven't used NB in a while and was surprised when they mixed the grains with the...
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    Any issues with milling flaked grains?

    So I ordered a few kits from NB as I couldn't beat the price locally. One of the kits is the Gaarden Hoe witbier which includes flaked wheat. I usually don't mill flaked wheat as it is not needed, but NB is forcing me to do so since they mixed the flaked wheat with the rest of the unmilled...
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    Tips for a simple lager style ale.

    I suggest you read through this thread about warm fermenting lagers: After having read through this thread, I have fermented numerous beers (Munich Dunkel, Pilsner, IPL) with much success. The Brulosophy guys have also...
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    Brew Your Own BOGO - Anyone want to split it?

    I got my Brew Your Own magazine buy one get one free offer in the mail, anyone who is not already getting the magazine want to split the cost? $15 for a year subscription versus the full $30 price. PM me if you are interested and we can work it out. Thanks!!!