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    What is your favorite honey for a Show Mead?

    I like meads made from meadofoam honey.
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    Planning my first turbid mash

    Strain out any bits as you pull the turbid wort. You want cloudy wort. Not malty bits.
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    ISO: Winter Warlock (Bristol Brewing Co) Clone

    100 lb in 1 barrel, which is 31 gallons. Works out to be 3.23 lb of oats per gallon. Over 15 lb of flaked oats in 5 gallons sounds ridiculous. Did you brew it?
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    What I did for beer today

    Picked up about 3 lb of various hops I won in an auction from a LHBS that went out of business. Also got ~25 grain bins for the many variety of specialty malt I have, for a steal.
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    Removing Oxiclean white residue from glass??

    I have had no luck with StarSan
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    Fellowship of the Drink XVII: The Hazy Sour Adjunct Stout Project

    Where is this at? Great line up all days.
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    Help! LHBS gave me Black Patent for Yopper's Oatmeal Stout

    I helped. Late but... still want to compare.
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    How to keep Trub out of the fermenter

    I use a large 300 micron filter. I am mostly concerned about hops in my plate chller. No issues with hops utilization due to its large size. 6" diameter and stands inside my 10 gallon pot.
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    What to do with spent grains?

    My chickens love them.
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    Using fruit purée??

    I think the rule of thumb is 1lb per gallon in 2ndry. What type of fruit may have some bearing.
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    Silicone Blowoff Tube for Carboy

    I use these then tubing