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    Any Lallemand Philly Sour feedback or experience to share?

    Just for an additional data point, I used 1 pack in 5 gal of 1.050 wort and it dropped pH to 3.3 at 68F with no issues at all and no discernable off flavors. Took 48 hours or more to show activity and fermented out fully in less than 2 weeks.
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    How much difference can 91 ppm of bicarbonate matter?

    My water is like yours and I use phosphoric acid to set the brewing water to a desired pH before mashing. For pils I effectively eliminate the bicarbonate by adding acid to achieve a water pH of 5.5. For pale ales or IPA I set the water closer to 6pH. I used to dilute with or use straight RO...
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    New to water adjustments

    Pickling lime is a good alternative to baking soda for bringing pH back up with soft water and dark grains.
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    Drinking a beer I bottled.. infected or not?

    When you say it has a caramel flavor that you don't expect, especially at room temp, I think of diacetyl. No idea on the floaty except that you may have picked up some pedio or wild yeast and that's just a mini pellicle. Pedio would also explain the diacetyl if the fresh beer didn't have any.
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    Sour IPA(

    What he said, and lactobacillus dies in the presence of hops and pedio takes forever to sour. The only way to make a sour IPA is to kettle sour with lacto and then do your boil and hop additions after the wort is already sour. You can then ferment with Sacc or Brett of your choice...
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    Keezer Not Cooling - Repair or Replace?

    Buy a new one. Get another 6 years out of it and plus you get another chance to build a collar or make the improvements you've always wanted. They're cheap on CL or even brand new.
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    5L flask broke during boil

    You don't have to actually boil in the flask. Bring temp up over 180 then shut the burner off and let it sit for 15 min before cooling. Boiling isn't really sanitizing any better than 180. To truly sanitize you'd need to pressure cook or autoclave anyway.
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    Fermentation chamber

    Build an insulated box with a mini fridge at one end. Put a little ceramic heater in there and some fans. Use a hot/cold switching temp controller and then set it and forget it. Tons of fermentation chamber resources around here. Also I would suggest you make it twice as big as you think...
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    WLP001 = peach flavor?

    US05 has given me peach or white grape flavors a couple times when I tried to ferment around 65 or 66 on mid gravity beers. I only ferment at 68 now and have zero problems.
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    Kegging/Cold crashing/Clearing Question

    Just bend the dip tube in your keg so it points away from the center. This will leave a pint or so in the keg but all the excess trub and gelatin and whatnot will collect below the dip tube. You will also not suck up yeast and trub when the keg kicks and your beer lines will stay cleaner.
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    Worst Commercial Beer You've Ever Had?

    Otra Vez is an awesome introduction into the Gose style and sour beers in general. I can see not liking it if you're not expecting a tart salty beer, but it is very well made and far from disgusting. Sierra Nevada does not put out bad beers.
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    Longer boil

    I do 90 min boils because that way I can use more water to sparge with. I think it helps my efficiency and I also think the maillard reaction creates a little more richness and depth of flavor. I wouldn't add hops over 60 min though.
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    Basic siphoning technique

    As mentioned before you can cold crash to solidify the yeast cake, but that stuff will already be pretty set up from the weight of the beer on it. If using an auto siphon it has a cap on the end that pulls beer about 1" from the bottom of the siphon. This will pull a small area of yeast/trub...
  14. chumpsteak

    Basic siphoning technique

    Tip the bucket by putting a stopper or something under one side. Put your autosiphon all the way into the yeast/trub on the bottom furthest away from the stopper where it will suck up every last bit of beer. Start auto siphon and walk away. You will only get a little yeast/trub from the...
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    Pasteurizing sour beer

    I thought refractometer post fermentation didn't work right because of alcohol. Also, the raspberries and crushed but not really that much. Mostly whole with some juice, not sure you would see be able to measure all the available sugars.