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  1. ChrisCorley

    Beechwood smoke

    i just brewed a smoked porter yesterday using 5 lbs of smoked malt. it was 30% of the grain bill.
  2. ChrisCorley

    Do I put water in the Airlock?

    yeah definitely put some liquid in there. starsan or vodka. watch the level cause you might have suck back or evaporation over the next few weeks. just make sure you have something in there.
  3. ChrisCorley

    Do I put water in the Airlock?

    its a buffer so co2 can escape and oxygen cannot enter. water works but i would use starsan or vodka. just in case it leaks in it wont hurt anything.
  4. ChrisCorley

    GE 7cu.ft. chest freezer - $168 @ HomeDepot!

    About 28 days ago I went in and bought this IN STORE for $229. Saw this post and went back in a got a price match for 178. Thanks for the 50 bucks guys!!!!
  5. ChrisCorley

    Copper tubing for diptube/manifold?

    I have SS kegs for kettles and a 10 gal cooler for mashtun. Copper diptube tubes and a copper manifold. Also a brass ball valve on my pump and a brass fitting in my boil kettle. My beers are great and no one is dead from drinking them.
  6. ChrisCorley

    Sunoco, fill tank get free growler fill

    They need to bring this to Columbia. I have a Sunoco right by the house and would def. buy gas there for free beer!
  7. ChrisCorley

    Brew Day From Hell

    seriously. the thermapen can solve all of your problems minus the burnt hand.
  8. ChrisCorley

    Homebrew kit reviews: My experiences.

    The Tripel from the Brooklyn Brew Kit series is what started my homebrewing obsession. It was trash but I didnt know what I was doing. I know order my own modified recipes along with kits from Austin Homebrew Supply. The American IPA, Summer Saison, and American Amber Ale have been huge...
  9. ChrisCorley

    Why is Miller 64 being pushed so hard? Anyone try this at all?

    A quick google search gives me this: Miller Genuine Draft 64 Miller (MGD 64) 2.8 ABV 64 CAL 3 CARBS
  10. ChrisCorley

    Sulfur smell

    its the yeast. cali v is my house yeast i use it almost exclusively and yes every batch smells awful through fermentation. but none of the beer ever taste like it though. great yeast.
  11. ChrisCorley

    Maibock/ Dead guy question. WHAT DID I JUST BREW?

    It was my second all grain batch and yes my efficiency was pretty poor. I was batch sparging, only did one runoff (added too much water) and didnt let it sit long enough. Also didnt boil off as much as I thought and ended up with about 6 gallons into the fermenter. Took a reading and tasted it...
  12. ChrisCorley

    Maibock/ Dead guy question. WHAT DID I JUST BREW?

    so is rogue's dead guy not properly categorized? i was under the assumption that it was a maibock and an ale.
  13. ChrisCorley

    Maibock/ Dead guy question. WHAT DID I JUST BREW?

    So you think this is an alt? I dont really know the style of alt but the wiki says its similar to american amber. I guess I should just stick with "ALE." :) Is maibock a confusing style or is it just me?
  14. ChrisCorley

    Maibock/ Dead guy question. WHAT DID I JUST BREW?

    So I modified a dead guy recipe: 12 lbs pale 2 row 4 lbs munich 2 lbs carastan perle 1 oz at 60 min perle .5 oz at 30 sterling .5 oz at 15 sterling .5 oz at 5 WLP051 cali v ale yeast Undershot the gravity just a bit so I ended up at 1.062 which should be about 6 or 6.2% Ok so I...