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    Upgrading propane setup vs switching to electric all in one

    Once I move from propane, this is what I plan to go with. All in, with a new chiller, you'll be into it just over $1600 for a 20G setup. This also includes the Steam Slayer so you can brew indoors w/o an exhaust fan.
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    What's your maximum capacity BIAB brews?

    With my 15G kettle, my largest grist so far was 22.5# and that is with a full volume mash, no sparge.
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    15 gallon kettle / propane

    If considering BIAB, this will be my next setup...
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    Chest Freezer for fermentation

    Lift up above waist height, push out from your body enough to clear the wall, then down to nearly floor level again? I use a Kegmenter and when full that's like 80 pounds. I am plenty strong, but that type of motion kills my back.
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    Chest Freezer for fermentation

    Unless I am not understanding your process, I think that will be a back-wrecking exercise to lift a full fermenter over the side and down into the floor of the freezer.
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    Why no higher end picnic taps?

    About time, why nothing like this before? It's just the so-so plastic ones or nothing.
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    Witbier Blue Balls Belgian Wit (Blue Moon Clone)

    Not knowing any better, I just followed the OP (Wayne's) recipe which indicated to put those ingredients in for the last 10 minutes of the boil. Now i know.
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    Witbier Blue Balls Belgian Wit (Blue Moon Clone)

    I brewed a Blue Moon Clone using a different recipe a few months ago and found the overall flavor profile quite underwhelming (5G packaged). Although I used 1.5 oz of orange peel and 0.6 oz of coriander, neither of those flavors came thru. I used Hallertau Blanc as that's the closest hop I had...
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    Volume Marking Kettle?

    I first made a marked tube, but have since landed on using a metal ruler. Since every batch is different, I find it more accurate to just pre-calculate what my measurement should be based on my kettle volume, then just measure it directly on the ruler.
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    Figuring out the procedure for my first all-grain brew. (BIAB)

    I have found that my boil off rate is more like 1.33 gal/hr! I use a bayou-style propane burner and have difficulty getting consistent results. It's easy to over boil, after I first got it, I think my rate was like 1.75 gal/hr! I plan to move to an electric setup sometime to help alleviate...
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    Figuring out the procedure for my first all-grain brew. (BIAB)

    I found that I also need to account for water expansion at various temps. At typical mash temps, water expands about 2% and 4% at boiling (though this is NOT a linear relationship). So when measuring volumes, make sure to take that into account or you will end up with less than you think you...
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    Figuring out the procedure for my first all-grain brew. (BIAB)

    Not to be too nitpicky here, but I think you mean GALLONS/LB and not QUARTS/LB. I also use 0.09 gal/lb and that is with a moderate squeeze. I first used around 0.05 per this calculator (Brew in a Bag (BIAB) Calculator ~) but found that way too low and had to squeeze the ever-living-$h!t outta...
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    1" ID silicone tubing source??

    Brewhardware, but currently out of stock. You could ping Bobby to see when they might get more.
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    A calculator for determining 2, or 3 standard boil hop additions 'IBU contribution' via the "Golden Ratio"

    I am also a fanboy of the Golden Ratio. Curious if this is merely anecdotal or if the application of the GR has some discernible effect.