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  1. ChadChaney

    Left Hand Milk Stout?

    I see there are some older threads referencing this beer, but does anyone has a clone or recipe that is close to the Left Hand version?
  2. ChadChaney

    Adding fruit to berliner weisse

    I have a Saison fermented with the Saison Dupont strain that sat in primary for 3months, then I added Brett B for 9 months and then added Saturn peaches. That was 6 months ago, tasted yesterday, awesome, funky, tart and slightly fruity. Fresh fruit has faded some, but still really nice. Give...
  3. ChadChaney

    Hop Pricing

    Thanks guys, didnt see much on Probrewer, will post full question there. Never knew that about Nikobrew, I will have to see if he can help, thanks for the heads up!
  4. ChadChaney

    Sour Mash or Sour Wort?

    In my limited BW experience, sour mash and sour wort did produce different sour levels and flavors. The sour mash a slightly off aroma, sour was mild, nice wheat and/or grain character while the sour mash was way more sour and not noticeable contributions from the malt. Held both at the same...
  5. ChadChaney

    Hop Pricing

    Anyone have an idea what an average or reasonable number, regarding price, would be for hops by the pound for a smaller brewpub or brewery? I realize this varies, especially on hop types, just looking for something close.
  6. ChadChaney

    Citra Blonde Critique

    How's she look? Citra Blonde Blonde Ale Type: All Grain Date: 9/12/2013 Batch Size (fermenter): 5.50 gal Brewer: Opposition Brewing Co. Boil Size: 8.41 gal Asst Brewer: Boil Time: 60 min Equipment: My All grain Setup End of Boil Volume 7.28 gal Brewhouse Efficiency: 72.00 %...
  7. ChadChaney

    Hefe help

    BackAlley, here is a dilemma; I have a TON (15) vials of WL Hefe that is past due by a year. The yeast was stored in professional cooler at my LHBS and then in my fridge. I want to use some of it, how do I determine the right pitching amount, lol. Every online calculator I visit estimates...
  8. ChadChaney

    Sour Mash BW Question

    Great, another Berliner Weisse thread, lol... I did a BW not to long ago with really really nice results, the final beer tasted Bells Oarsman, so much so that my brewing friends could only tell the difference by the amount of sour, mine was more sour, and color, mine was a little darker. I did...
  9. ChadChaney

    Impatience - quick question

    I never dump a batch for at least 30-40 days, unless something drastic has happened, somethings mellow with age and it might surprise you what will become drinkable.
  10. ChadChaney

    Hefe help

    Thanks all. I actually sent off an email to White Labs and was greeted with a GREAT response, I received an email requesting I call them and they could help me with the issue. After discussing the volume and SG of the wort, I was told that in a wort of 1.046 @ abut 5.25 gallons, do not make a...
  11. ChadChaney

    Hefe help

    I have brewed 2 versions of a hefe so far and have not been able to get that nice banana nose and taste I am looking for. Grist was near 50/50 white wheat and Pilsen, with a pound of Golden Naked oats in one batch and 2 lbs Munich in the second to get more color. Both were mashed at 152F...
  12. ChadChaney

    Champagne yeast for sour bottling?

    A few questions about using WL Champagne yeast as a possible secondary yeast at bottling for my sours. First off, has anyone used this before for this purpose, and if so, did you have decent results? I have never bottled a sour before, these are my first sours from last year that I want to...
  13. ChadChaney

    Session Belgian Red

    What do you think so far, pitching WL Trappist Belgian Session Red Belgian Specialty Ale Type: All Grain Date: 6/12/2013 Batch Size (fermenter): 6.00 gal Brewer: Opposition Brewing Co. Boil Size: 8.28 gal Asst Brewer: Boil Time: 60 min Equipment: My All Grain Setup End of...
  14. ChadChaney

    Session IpA recipe critque

    My first shot at this, and at using Mosiac, what do you think, the Moteka in the recipe are actually Mosiac and I will be doing a 30 min hop stand with the 0 minute additions. Thinking I will chill to 150 and then add the 0 min hops... Mosiac Ipa (Session) American IPA Type: All Grain...
  15. ChadChaney

    Bottling a Sour

    I apologize in advance, I am sure there are threads detailing this, but I searched and didn't see what I was looking for. I have a few sour beers, a Flanders and a few BW's spiked w Jolly Pumpkin dregs, that I want to bottle. These are my first sours, so I am looking for a somewhat...