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    Raw Ale / No Boil

    yes I also suggest staying below 175 for the same reasons... SMS changes to DMS above 175 as far as whirlflock... I find it helps the with the proteins that do not coagulate during a normal boil.. NEIPA cloudiness comes from the flakes grains in the grist... the whirlflock helps with the...
  2. CBelli

    Raw Ale / No Boil

    I have been brewing New England styles using a RAW Brew for the past 9 months... always comes out fantastic.. One tip is to mash low at 150... this is perfectly suited for the style because the low mash temp gives a nice dry finish that showcases all the late whirlpool additions but the no boil...
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    SS Brewbucket Review

    Personally I prefer the Chapman stainless fermenter... it is around 1/2 the price! Same style lid, although better for me as it is easily adapted with a 2 inch tri clover for my thermos well and CO2 transfers. It has a flat bottom and I opted for the portless version as I prefer to pressure...
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    DryHop Duration Question

    personally I find that 24 hours is just right... at room temp of coarse.... contact time past 36 hours does not bring any additional good flavors out of the hops and runs the risk of extracting grassy vegetal notes... if you want more from the hops after that pitch another layering of dry hops...
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    Bottling and Kegging - The Best of Both Worlds

    Am I missing something?.... this but it sounds exactly like adding priming sugar but in liquid form? Why not just use Kayro Syrup ... it is liquid corn sugar.
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    Rise of the Gruit

    good read.... the variety never ends... thanks for the article!
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    Request: Bud Light Clone Recipe

    I think it will be easier to teach your father-in-law to enjoy other beers, than to attempt a BL clone..
  8. CBelli

    Excessively dry beer?

    I'm betting it is the acid malt you don't like.... Try lactic acid in the mash and most important the sparge from what I have been told PH and temp in the sparge has high potential for tannin extraction
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    Excessively dry beer?

    After reading all posts I think we need to see the recipe... Here are a few thoughts I had while reading some of the posts... From not seeing the recipe I also agree possible tannins from the sparge. Fly or Batch Sparge? Sparge temp? Have you fermented any buggy beers in the...
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    beersmith vs brewersfriend

    Agreed, versioning is truly clunky... as a result, I have changed my recipe list now to have a "folder" for each beer and then inside I have all individual versions. I just wish that when you do a 'save as' for a recipe it updated the date but for some reason it always keeps the same date...
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    beersmith vs brewersfriend

    I have used BS for years and like it... my only "beef" is that the Versioning/Brew Day aspect is very clunky for me.
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    So You Want to Build A Keezer

    nice job!
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    Homebrewing With The Amazon Echo

    I guess from the comments that someone should write an article about crotchety old guys with a touch of big brother paranoia who prefer the good old days without computers when the world used egg timers and chalkboards...
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    Where to place my tap and attach drip tray

    WARNING!!!!! the heat exchanger runs through the sides and lid... If you drill the top for a tower odds are you will hit a line!!!... be very careful and plan out the exact sopt... there are loads of threads that show you who to isolate the heat lines.
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    Experimenting With Ingredients In Your Kitchen To Make Prepackaged Kits Unique

    This is a great article.... Experimentation is where we got many of our current beer styles! Splitting a batch is the perfect way measure the results against the base style!!! 3 cheers for a good and interesting read!