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    Colorado Three tier 15 gallon brew stand and equipment for sale

    Selling my three tier 15 gallon brew stand and all equipment including kegerator and freezer. See my Craig's list add here. Colorado Brewers only will not ship.
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    Yeast Calculator

    I used to use a yeast calculator that was located at website I believe. Address no longer works. Do I have the wrong address or does anyone know what happened to this site?
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    Yeast Starter Question

    Ok I weighed my dme. I was using 2 1/2 cups per 2500 ML of water. After weighing I find I only need about 1 & 2/3 cups DME to 2500 ML water. So im saving myself DME. Guess my starters were all to strong up till now. What kind of effect do you think that had on my yeast?
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    Yeast Starter Question

    Need some help on my yeast starters. I currently use 2 1/2 cups of DME per 2500 ML water to make my starter. Will that amount of DME put me in the correct gravity range for a starter? I have been using this quantity for ever don't remember where I got this number for this quantity of water...
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    "Random Stuff" IPA

    I too have a pound of amarillo hops looking forward to your tasting notes as I may burn my amarillo in a 10 gal batch of this.
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    Good recipe for hops sitting in freezer

    Went through the freezer today and found some getting old hops that need to be used any suggestions or links to recipes for beers to brew that will use the below hops? Amarillo 6 oz of 8.5% whole hops 1st gold 15 oz of 8% pellett Magnum 2 oz 13.5 % :mug:
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    Protein rest questions

    Ok more questions here I went to Bairds to read about my malt adn the web site gives three different percentages for each malt. They are ASBC, IOB, & EBC. What are these abbreviations for? Which one do I pay attention too?
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    Protein rest questions

    Thanks all for your comments! I sat down and re-read the mashing section of Charlie Papazian's The Homw Brewers Companion which spelled out the protein rest pretty good. I just brewed a creal ale on Saturday and it called for 10 lbs 2 row, 10 lbs Pilsner, adn 3.87 lbs of Flaked Rice. I didnt...
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    Protein rest questions

    I have some questions on the protein rest. I am under the impression from talking to several brew club members that any time your brewing with a lot of pilsner grain that a protein rest is required. First off is this actually the case? What exactly does a protein rest do? I am reading...
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    Temperature differential in mash tun

    Thats what I have found as well. I stopped using the stick therm to check temp. I now rely on the brewmometer solely and the beer seems to be good.
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    CPVC Counterflow Wort Chiller

    I use an air compressor to blow the water out of my counterflow chiller.
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    Perlick 525 SS faucet leaks

    Ok I took the 408x's out to the garage and broke them down along with a 525. 408's are all brass where as the 525 are all stainless. 408's appear to be rear sealing so back to a stuck faucet after a week of not pouring a beer. My suggestion to everyone is if you have 525's and you have no...
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    Perlick 525 SS faucet leaks

    I just got my replcement faucets they are part number 408X. they look exactly like the cheap faucets that I replaced with the 525's. I like the look of the 525's much better but Scott told me these would not have a problem leaking. Possibly sell these down the road when the new 525's come out...
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    Perlick 525 SS faucet leaks

    from what the guy at Perlick told me they have defective 525 all over the country going to many different suppliers.
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    Beer tragedy!! Help me recover!

    Check out the thread below. 525 ss are awesome but I wouldnt suggest you buy them till the new version comes out next year.