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    DME in Hard Kombucha?

    I did... but the biggest mistake was using US05. It didn't do much of anything, so I pitched champagne yeast (which I should have done from the start). I did the 50/50 dextrose / DME, but I don't think the flavor is disliked had anything to do with it. I honestly think it sat around too long...
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    Craftabrew Catalyst Fermenter (Inland Empire, CA 92223)

    As stated, craftabrew catalyst for sale. It has some scuffs on the inside from accidentally using a metal spoon back when I first started home brewing but other than that she's 100%. I also installed the small sampling valve as well. I am relocating to a different state and need to sell...
  3. bigdawg86

    Adding probiotic capsule to process of growing a SCOBY?

    I have added a Swanson L. Plantarum capsule to my scoby at one time because I wasn't getting the tartness I prefer. Reason for Swanson is that it's a single culture which is routinely used in making sour beer.
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    DME in Hard Kombucha?

    Hey guys, haven't posted in a while. So I was trying to get my first batch of hard kombucha going. Did a 6 gallon batch (with goal of 5g kegged, rest goes to scoby storage) and the base booch is finally at the flavor we want. I planned on just pulling scoby, dissolving 5lbs of dextrose, tossing...
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    Sovereign Stainless Fermentor????

    There isn't much to say about it other than it works! Having the over 8 gallon capacity though is what I like most about it... blowoff is a thing of the past. I have no complaints about this fermentor. As with many, temp control is what takes creativity. I love this one for doing sours, kvieks...
  6. bigdawg86

    Sovereign Stainless Fermentor????

    You can do them, but they fermentor doesn't hold much pressure. It wouldn't hold a uphill transfer without wasting a ton of co2, but if it were essentially a gravity transfer you can purge co2 during the process.
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    SCOBY management

    I leave my scoby in the pantry on about 1/2 gallon of booch, and yes it turns into vinegar which helps protect the next batch by dropping the pH... similarly to why with kettle souring beers we use lactic acid to drop pH to 4.5 before adding the cultures. My scoby has been sitting idle for 6...
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    A few basic electric questions

    If the main panel is already in your garage why don't you do it yourself? It's super easy, just will have one extra wire than 120v... two hots, neutral, and ground. The GFCI breaker will run you maybe 100-120 installed if you do it yourself.
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    Where to buy Blackcurrant in the US.

    Here you go... So here is my suggestion though. I have made a black current sour with this twice. Once I let it ferment out in secondary and there wasn't much other than color present in the finished beer, the other I simply added the puree to the keg. I found straight to the keg made a much...
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    Voss kveik in garage, no temp control

    My Voss Kviek has hit 102° and never given off flavors... make sure you have headspace and a blowoff tube though. Fermentation will be done in 36 hours.
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    Grounded Brewing Kettle sale.

    I bought two of their kettles... And snagged the prototype mash tun too which is pictured below. Haven't used it yet but it's 20g so can do alot of mashing!
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    Victory Sour Monkey. I NEED TO CLONE THIS!!!!

    As the title states. Victory Sour Monkey is an incredible beer. Just discovered it and want to figure out how to clone it. I can find Golden Monkey recipes, but not sour monkey. It seems to be a mixed fermentation and while it appears to have brett, it tastes like lacto is involved too. I am not...
  13. bigdawg86

    Looks like infection before even pitching yeast

    Well we can file this under don't start a brewday unless your 100% prepared. Live and learn. Who knows the beer may turn out good, I would certainly let it ride and bottle or keg it.
  14. bigdawg86

    Looks like infection before even pitching yeast

    So it begs to be asked... why did it take so long to pitch yeast? That's the easiest and fastest part of any brew day? Oh and that Krausen looks fine to me.