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  1. beta pleated sheet

    Damn kids on the ice!

    I actually do have a blind person cane (that I don't actually need) for whacking kiddies. Might be a tough on the ice, though, but that would at least be funny. I was just hit in the head in gym class one too many times.
  2. beta pleated sheet

    Damn kids on the ice!

    I am sick and tired of summer camps sending busloads of kids to the ice skating rink every day from June til August. It's not so much that I think they shouldn't be there (hey, it's great fun for the kids) but that I just don't like it when they're there. Something about the way a large pack of...
  3. beta pleated sheet

    back from Ireland, beer report

    Also, I guess this is the place for you to tell me about all the great beers I missed and give me a reason to go back sometime. In Dublin, go to the Porterhouse, have their red ale, oyster stout, an/or plain porter, and be amazed. The red was my favorite. It had these warm, caramel flavors...
  4. beta pleated sheet

    #1 cool job: brewmaster

    Man, I wish there was more of a market for beer sommeliers, that's my dream job.
  5. beta pleated sheet

    I must have offended the beer and food gods.

    Damn, I meant to say the oven! Maybe I did have one too many of those mixed drinkies!
  6. beta pleated sheet

    I must have offended the beer and food gods.

    So, I burnt my burger, and I almost burnt my hand getting my tater tots out of the fridge, and I split some Duvel. It wasn't a hug amount, but just enough to make me go "Damn! I was gonna drink that!" Luckily for me, most of it was just on the clean table, and no one was home so I just licked...
  7. beta pleated sheet

    lets share hangover cures

    Electrolytes: they're what drunks crave! Seriously though, sports drinks are your best friend. They've got electrolytes and water for dehydration and some sugar. At least the sugar helps me, but not too much of it. Fruit and sprite are good too because they're refreshing and easy on the...
  8. beta pleated sheet

    My New Tattoo Part 2: The Shading Begins

    Probably something to do with the boniness and thin skin. My hops (on my ankle, right about the weird nobby bone) hurt like a betch, was swollen for about a day, and veeeeery achy for a good week after. The dagger on my lower back (side, not over the spine) was a big fat nothing. That one was...
  9. beta pleated sheet

    Alabama friggin' SUCKS!!

    I was in a dry county in Abalama for four days, but we smuggled in lots of booze. Thank god, too, I would have gone bananas if I had spent the whole time dead sober!
  10. beta pleated sheet

    Stupid bartenders

    This is only a minor irritation, but it irks me when I get a glass poured with only an eenxy, see-through layer of foam. I wouldn't send it back or anything (unless it was flat or something), but it makes me want to slap whoever decided that it's okie dokie to serve a beer with no head. It's...
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    Any other hookah-heads?

    I've also heard that with little ones, you have to be careful not to draw too hard or you'll pull in some water. I'm probably going to be looking at something in the range of 15" or so.
  12. beta pleated sheet

    Leave the poor alcohol alone! (a rant)

    LOL @ "Myth of Natural Fermentation" and bad science! I can come up with a better explanation for why god loves beer! Christians believe that God created everything on earth for a reason. God created yeast and gave them the ability to ferment sugars. Therefore, drinking thanks God for the...
  13. beta pleated sheet

    Any other hookah-heads?

    I've never tried pipes, but I think I might like to. How are they on harshness? I've got wimpy lungs that don't do so great with too much of the hot dryness...another reason why I like hookah.
  14. beta pleated sheet

    Leave the poor alcohol alone! (a rant)

    I know people who honestly think that Jesus turned water into grape juice. WTF?
  15. beta pleated sheet

    Any other hookah-heads?

    I'm hoping the time and money will deter me from getting too hooked. That, and I think I'd need to only use it with a group because I can't smoke that much in one sitting. I think it was my first hookah experiences when my friend and his buddy somehow did this crazy layered thing. It started...