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    Nitro Coffee Question

    So, I did my first batch of cold brew about two months ago. My setup is pretty standard but I am using JUST Nitrogen, not a mix. I didn't expect to get any of the carbonation of thicker mouthfeel because of using Nitro. However after about 3 weeks I started to notice some bubbles and after...
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    Mash Tun Cooler Question

    You're obviously in cahoots with a Chiropractor and his agenda to put his kid through an Ivy League school AND buy a yacht. We'll leave it at a firm "no" and never talk of it again. I don't sparge. Since 95% of my mashing is done overnight I find it unnecessary. I have the water...
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    Mash Tun Cooler Question

    Not everything in Amazon has free shipping so inherently this question is worth about $20 to me. And $20 can buy ALOT of hops!
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    Mash Tun Cooler Question

    Will a false bottom for an Igloo cooler fit the Rubbermaid ones? There's a very cool drop-in replacement one on Amazon that I like but it is advertised as fitting an Igloo cooler with no mention as to whether it does or does not fit a Rubbermaid.
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    Massachusetts Perlick Taps and Shanks

    Had a leaking issue with all 4 Perlick's (these are 2 of them) when I got them. Contacted Perlick and they sent me replacement gaskets which I did on all taps. After that I never had a problem. Don't know if the shanks are SS. Have been digging to try and figure out how to tell and not...
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    Massachusetts Johnson Temp Controller

    Johnson Temperature Controller. A few years old but works fine. Has gunk on probe wire for when I had it in a keezer. $50 OBO. Buyer pays shipping.
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    Massachusetts Krome Faucets

    3 Krome faucets. $10 each or best offer. I switched over to the Perlicks awhile ago and had these kicking around. Buyer pays shipping.
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    Massachusetts Perlick Taps and Shanks

    2 Perlick 525SS taps and shanks. Both were used and both work fine. I went with a new keezer and reduced the number of taps. Total new would be $77, will sell for $45 each plus shipping (USPS flat rate).
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    How Long Should I Ferment?

    The longer the beer sits after it has fermented the more sediment drops out and collects. There is a point of diminishing returns with this in that after a certain span of time there's just less there to actually drop out. The span of time necessary can depend on a number of factors...
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    Mash Temp Drop Question

    If you're using a cooler then take a few gallons of water and bring it up to around 180 degrees and put it in the cooler before you start. The job of the cooler is to insulate, which requires absorbing some of the heat which can result in an overall loss. It will hold the temperature longer...