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    Dear Alabama, <sigh>

    Regulated wineries/breweries are fine, but they only legalized home brewing in 2013. Even still they heavily restrict it: Some counties still remain "dry", you can only brew 15 gallons per quarter and no more than 15 gallons on hand at a time, and you generally aren't allowed to take it outside...
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    Dear Alabama, <sigh>

    Imagine living in a state where a reasonably active brew shed is considered " definitely one of the biggest operations we’ve seen in our county and possibly our state". I feel like I've seen kits that size on...
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    Lid Replacement Keezer

    It was a metalized on one side foam board. I don't know that the foil look does anything for performance, but it gives the inside a...
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    Moving to e-biab

    Sorry I missed your post. I tried using a tee at the kettle drain, but I didn't like the requirement that the pump be running to know the temperature. Instead I mounted through the kettle under the basket and away from the element a bit. This has been working great. I use a hand held...
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    Quick way to clean beer lines without CO2/Hand Pump/Recirc Pump?

    Yup, important to watch for a pop off. I guess I should have mentioned that the tubing was leftovers from my brew kettle, and the pump was only like $20 on Amazon if I remember correctly. The OP mentioned alternatives to a pump, but this approach isn’t much more expensive than anything else.
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    Moving to e-biab

    I’ve been through several versions of my eBIAB journey, including a bag with a false bottom, and want to add a plus one to Micraft’s summary. I was not happy with my results until I had open space between the element, temp probe, and grain bed, and until I had a way to keep the liquid around...
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    Quick way to clean beer lines without CO2/Hand Pump/Recirc Pump?
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    Quick way to clean beer lines without CO2/Hand Pump/Recirc Pump?

    I use a small submersible pond pump to clean my lines. I have silicone tubing hooked to the outlet that just slides on to the tap nozzle, then I pull the beer line out of the kegerator and into the bucket with the BLC. Typically I’ll just unscrew the ball lock spring/pin so that more of the...
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    Electric heat keg

    What is your budget?
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    What size keg is more useful... 2.5 or 3 gallon?

    If it’s just a travel container I’d go as small as possible. Transfer from keg to keg is pretty easy, and O2/headspace is less of an issue if you fill it to the top. Buying several 1 gallon kegs would be ideal. If you’re going to brew a batch specifically for the keg then I’d go 3 gallon I...
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    Hypothetical question

    That’s not out of the norm, you can totally get there. Heat that sucker up, it’s like no2 for yeast. Try 75f first, but I bet you’ll like 80f more. If you ferment under pressure you get it carbonated at the same time, faster drinking!
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    Hypothetical question

    How fast does this hypothetical person need to go? Are we looking for 24 hours to dry on a 1.080 juice? Or 96 hours to dry on a 1.065 juice?
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    Hypothetical question

    I had success raising the temperature and fermenting under pressure with my ciders, although I do tend to just make sweet cider.
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    Ssbrewtech ekettle controller?

    PT100 is the default temperature sensor for almost every PID controller. It is possible that the headphone jack they're using is wired funny, but you should be able to wire any controller to accept that plug.
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    Conical cooling insert question

    If they were any less open I'd be worried about cleaning, especially clean in place. Sorry, I haven't seen one that doesn't have open coils.