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  1. b-boy

    Pitched yeast at 28c. Disaster?

    I had fusels in one batch I made years ago. It tasted fine. But man one beer would give me a really wicked hangover. I mean a bad hangover. I tried to plow through, but ended up giving up half way through the keg. It was a similar situation. I couldn't get the temps down and just pitched the...
  2. b-boy

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    First brew in a year. Doing a Belgian Quad and an English Bitter with some friends Just got my pole barn setup for brewing after 2 years of work. Looking forward to the first official brew day.
  3. b-boy

    First brew

    Wow. AG and a Saison for your first beer. Pretty impressive.
  4. b-boy

    Kegging 101

    Nothing worse than beer backing up into your regulator. Make sure you have check valves on your manifolds. They aren't always on there - even the expensive ones.
  5. b-boy

    Which beer faucets do you prefer and why?

    I will never say any thing bad about Perlicks. I have about 12 of them, and I've never had a drip or a failure. Recently I upgraded my main kegerator to the flow control taps. They are great. Highly recommended.
  6. b-boy

    10-gallon corny kegs for under $100

    A bit expensive, but here are dimensions on these things: https://www.cornykeg.com/product/10-gallon-strap-handle-keg/
  7. b-boy

    10-gallon corny kegs for under $100

    I use them for aging. Just finished a bourbon barrel stout. Aged in the keg for 6+ months. It's nice to be able to bottle right out of the keg using a beer gun.
  8. b-boy

    10-gallon corny kegs for under $100

    These things are still popping up on EBay occasionally. I just bought 2 for $50 each. When they showed up, they were still in the original boxes. They had never even been used. The manufacture dates were 2014. I've recently been looking for kegs with 'local pickup only' set. People tend to...
  9. b-boy

    Bottle conditioning a ridiculously attenuated barleywine

    I've always used champagne yeast for super-big beers. It's always taken way longer to carbonate than regular beers. I'd wait at least a month or two before trying one.
  10. b-boy

    Looking for beer gas sources in Buffalo NY

    Yep - Overall, you can't beat the CO2 prices. I think I'll probably pickup a new 20lb tank and get that filled rather than re-certifying my 10lb tank. 20lb should last me a long, long time, and the 10lb tanks are kind of an oddball. Most places won't take them for trade-in. I can probably get...
  11. b-boy

    Looking for beer gas sources in Buffalo NY

    Had mixed results at Irish Carbonic. I got a 5 lb CO2 tank filled, and it was quite a bit cheaper than expected. The fill came to $15. It literally took about 3 minutes to get the tank back. I'll definitely go back for that. I had issues trying to get the beer gas. I assumed they could do a...
  12. b-boy

    Looking for beer gas sources in Buffalo NY

    I have a beer gas tank and regulator, so I'm all set. I've been paying about $25 for a 5 lb tank of CO2, which seems kinda high to me. It keeps going up. I miss KegWorks. I have a 10 lb tank that needs certification. Most places need to send the tank out for the certification. Looks like I'm...
  13. b-boy

    Looking for beer gas sources in Buffalo NY

    That seems like it may be my only option. I might need to take a few hours off of work. Does Irish Carbonic do fills, or just swaps?
  14. b-boy

    Looking for beer gas sources in Buffalo NY

    Just like the title says, I'm looking for sources of beer gas in/around Buffalo NY. I bought a nitro tap, and I have some aged bourbon barrel stout in a small keg I'd like to get flowing. I go to a welding shop in Kenmore for my CO2. They don't do beer gas. I'm aware of Irish Carbonic, but...