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  1. archroy

    New Belgium Ranger IPA

    Yeah hop czar is good stuff, nice to see it in 12 ozers instead of just bridgeport big brew 22s
  2. archroy

    RIP Hydrometer #3

    I broke quite a few hydrometers in the past :drunk: but now have a plastic one that works really well and no worries about dropping it :)
  3. archroy

    "Spike Your Juice"

    Yeah but how are underage kids supposed to get vodka? Watch the media pick up on this and we'll all have to show id to buy brewing supplies...
  4. archroy

    Expired beer?

    The question is, how did it taste? :)
  5. archroy

    Commercial examples of Sour Beers???

    If you want something local try Bridgeport breweries new Stumptown Tart. It's delicious and should be easy to find in the area.
  6. archroy

    Weak Bottles

    Yeah I use a wing style capper but I've never had this problem before. Guess I'll just have to be more careful which bottles I use. -Archroy
  7. archroy

    Weak Bottles

    Hey, so my last batch of beer I bottled had some really weak bottles that either broke when I capped then or when I tried open them. A few days ago I opened one and the top broke off and cut my hand pretty bad :mad: I'm pretty sure it is just this one type of bottle, has anyone else had this...
  8. archroy


    I recommend a plastic hydrometer if you can find one, the glass ones break too easily
  9. archroy

    Brew Mugs

    I just got some nice 22 oz mugs from fred meyers for a reasonable price
  10. archroy

    Surf and Turf anytime of year

    The food sure looks good but something's not right about that grilling in the snow pic while drinking a martini with a ufc hat on :) -Archroy
  11. archroy

    Too soon to move to all-grain?

    Yeah go for it, I jumped right into all grain after doing a few hard cider recipes. It's definitely the way to go. -Archroy
  12. archroy

    guess how much weight I will lose in 90 days

    244.5, I'm feeling pessimistic :)
  13. archroy

    pissin' u off with bananas!!

    At first I was like that doesn't piss me off but those are pretty damn annoying if you look at them awhile
  14. archroy

    Question about cheddar

    I think it should firm up with drying and aging, I wouldn't worry about it. My cheddar that I just made is doing that and my curds on this one were a mess. Still I think I'll wax it tomorrow if it's dry enough. -Archroy
  15. archroy

    Weissbier Bee Cave Brewery Bavarian Hefeweizen

    I just poured a glass of this and its good stuff even though my fermentation temps got out of hand. Fermentation was stuck for a few days when it got cold in my apartment because my thermostat sucks. Even so it came out alot like a Paulaner Hefeweizen when it finally finished which is what I...