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    Looking for fermenter ideas for 10 gallon batches

    I use these barrels. Retrieved from a brewery in ohio. They are the LME containers for their brew-on-premises program they have. I paid $25 per. They hold 15 gallons. Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
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    2013's How many gal of homebrew in 2013

    44,658 plus 8 gallons of Marris Otter/Simcoe SMaSH American IPA. =44,666 Perhaps that number can be a part of the name? Devilishly Smashing IPA?
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    Maybe a strange question

    Ah, well I would rather not waste the effort then heh. Thanks. I'm rather new to brewing, experience wise, with 12 batches AG under my belt. I want to try a sour, and as I think most people who want that, I am unsure of how to go about it. I'll have to do some more research (read: search...
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    Maybe a strange question

    As anyone ever done a Brett addition in secondary of an American IPA? How would I go about trying to make a sour IPA? Could I add a Brett yeast to an AIPA when I rack it to secondary? Would this be a disaster?
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    So I seem to get really good efficiency.

    So for 2 batches now I've overshot my target OG by quite a bit. I use a 10 gal Coleman for a MLT with a bazooka screen. First recipe was shooting for an American IPA, 8 gallon batch (splitting into two Carboys, gonna do two separate dry hop additions. Grains & Adjuncts Amount Percentage...
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    2013's How many gal of homebrew in 2013

    44,385.5 + 7.5 gal IIPA + 5.5 gal Honeyed Northern English Brown Ale = 44,398.5
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Pumpkin-Citra Saison

    Pardon the nOObish question, as I have never used spices in a beer. When do you use the spices in this particular recipe?
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    My first brewday in 18 months. All grain, almost all success!

    Just a 1" PVC pipe used as a dip stick to measure volume in the keggle by depth. I poured in water 1gallon at a time, then marked the PVC for each gallon. I THOUGHT I was being smart, starting the measurements with the dead-space below the valve covered, but when I was filling the carboy, I...
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    My first brewday in 18 months. All grain, almost all success!

    Well, after taking an involuntary leave of absence from brewing (having a first born son... WORTH IT) this past Saturday, I had my first brew day. First yay me moment: putting together a functioning keggle! Second yay me moment: using a piece of PVC to mark the volume of liquid in said keggle...
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    Refrigerated Hop Pellets

    Ive been away from brewing for a year and I'm planning my first brew day next week. Just a random question: How long are pellet hops in vacuum sealed 1oz retail packages viable to use in a recipe. And the same question for grains. Parsing my n00bishness I couldn't find anything with a search.
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    First Starter for Forst Batch, 2012

    So i haven't brewed in like 6 months, and I thought that I had lost the obsession.... Turns out ... NOT AT ALL. Just took me prioritizing some of my small amount of free time. I just put the starter in the flask for my first batch of the year.. A single hop APA with citra hops... So what I'm...
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    American IPA Stone Ruination Clone

    Well this recipe turned into my 4th AG batch, and I missed my SG it ended up at 1.070, but I don't mind, because I ended up with around 6-1/4 gallons in the primary, so I guess I had a less rolling boil? Meh. Just means more left after the hops soak up my precious!
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    First starter one day in

    Ok. Pure starter noob moment: Holy crap! That thing started fast! Like 3 to 4 hours after I pitch my starter, my blow off growled is bubbling like mad and the wonderful smell is filling my den! I ne'er thought that the difference in lag time would be that profound.
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    First starter one day in

    Ok. Thanks for the fast response. I'm going to pitch when I get home from work. I'm really looking forward to this beer.
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    First starter one day in

    Ok so part two, should I just pitch the whole starter in? Or is it better to decant the wort off an just pitch the cake at the bottom of the flask? Kind of an informal poll.