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    The hop shortage

    santiam is in stock at more beer and is almost identical to tettnanger
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    The hop shortage

    2 oz german spaltz 2 oz german tettnang 2 oz uk fuggle 2 oz us perle 2 oz amarillo 1 oz galena 2 oz cascade 2 oz willamette 1 oz us fuggles 2 ozuk kent goldings-picking up 8 more ozs 2 oz uk progress 3 oz uk wgv-going to buy all i can from my local hbs 5 oz uk phoenix 1 oz czech...
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    aluminum false bottom

    sweet i think it should work great pluss im going to leave my ss steel braid under it.
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    aluminum false bottom

    ok i dont use aluminum pots.but the other day at home depot i found a large sheet of aluminum with thousands of tiny holes in it that would fit perfectly in my cooler mash tun.what do you guys think?
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    Barleywine 1.145- 1.040?

    god 196 ibus you can strip tarnish of of brass with that.
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    Wheat/Rye/Corn combo?

    :eek: your makeing glue!!!as for the enzymes my lhbs sells amalayse in a jar.
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    Storing equipment in my mash tun?

    grain wont crush the braid.but storing some stuff shouldent hurt it as long as you dont put it directly on the braid.
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    Is it worth doing AG for hoppy brews?

    simple ansure is hell yes!you can duy a 5.5 gallon tri ply pot at wal-mart for around 50$ and i use a second pot to boil the other 2 gallons and keep toping off the other pot to 5.5 gal. and use the rest to prime with.i just cant go back to extract i was paying $5.00 a lb for muntons dme and im...
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    Tannin isn't just a gunslinger from Back To the Future

    it will settle out in the primary and secondary.if need be use a grain bag when you transferto the secondary and the bottleing bucket or keg. the grain will usualy settle out first then be covered by the yeast and held to the bottom of the fermenter.:mug:
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    Flat beer bummer

    dme must be boiled so it wont clump up sugar dont need to be but its more of a safty thing to prevent an infection
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    has anyone used s-33 in a belgian

    i take that as a no
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    has anyone used s-33 in a belgian

    i was wondering ive read on alot of brew boards that ppl say its not fit for a belgian style beer but when it all comes down to it most havnt tryed it with candy sugar and what not to try and make a belgian beer. and was wondering if anyone has actualy tryed it ?
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    wtf is going on?is it stuck?

    sunday around noon
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    wtf is going on?is it stuck?

    ag recipe is as follows 5 lb briess vienna malt 2 lb candy sugar clear 2 lb muntons dextrin malt 10 lb castle belgian pilsner 115 min at 155 f 15 min at 165 f yes i poured the wort through a funnel into the carboy to help oxygenate then also shook the hell out of it just before pitching...
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    wtf is going on?is it stuck?

    :drunk: OK I'm doing my first beer over the 1.080 og mark and it just seems like its taking forever. it started out at 1.098 and i pitched 2 vials of wl Belgian golden strong and 1 vial of wl Abby.well needles to say fermentation started with a fermented strong for 2 weeks then dropped...