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    Keezer Build - Tips and Lessons Learned

    Love the pvc air exchange system with wire shelf. I've been using a piece of 3" pvc standing in the corner, with holes drilled near the bottom, a 45 on the top and a muffin fan stuck to it. Works great, but I like this idea so much that I'm probably heading to the store in the morning to get...
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    Faucets: SS vs. chrome

    Sounds like good advice, but back when I built my keezer there were some ongoing quality issues with the SS perlicks, so I bought the PCs and they have been excellent. No issues with the finish whatsoever.
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    Buying keg beer from microbreweries

    Okay, so maybe I should have guessed that, but it never even occurred to me that there would be enough people in my situation to create a market for something like that. Thanks so much for the replies! Now I'm off to go keg shopping!
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    Buying keg beer from microbreweries

    Hi all. I built a kegerator using lots of great tips from this site. Alas, I live in a relatively small town (even though it's a state capital) and my only local choice for buying kegs is a grocery store, who orders them from one of two local distributors. And I don't drink it fast enough to...
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    Show us your Kegerator

    Nice touch trimming the collar with the oak one-bys, and extending them up to cover the lid seal. Good work!
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    Converting the Frigidaire 7.2 cu ft Chest Freezer

    Yes, it's definitely needed. The freezer is designed to operate at temperatures that will freeze the beer, so when you use a freezer for a kegerator you need to make accommodations for that. Some have replaced the existing control circuit, but most use a supplemental control. Many of us built...
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    Tracking down a very small CO2 leak ...

    Hi all. Bought the 742-2, which allowed me to rip out the header and primary gas line. Ran an overnight pressure test and it was solid as a rock. I'm back up and running! Thanks, everyone, for the tips and suggestions!
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    GE 7.0 Coffin Keezer Build

    Outstanding ... a real piece of furniture ... congrats!
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    Regulator recommendations requested

    Hi All, I'm considering replacing my regulator, and I'd appreciate any recommendations that you'd care to offer. I'm using a 5 lb CO2 bottle, with the regulator mounted directly on the bottle ... the main line runs to a distribution header that has three valves on it (only two currently in...
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    Thought for a bar cooler

    A window AC unit will only get down to about 55°F at the lowest and will be very noisy (because it's designed to cool a room, not a box). Instead, I would pick up a used fridge and use the guts out of it ... or better yet, a used chest freezer and just use it as-is (with a modified temp...
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    mounting fans in keezer

    I used a piece of PVC pipe with several holes drill at the bottom and a 45° fitting at the top, then glued a PC cooling fan to that fitting so that it pulls air up through the pipe and directs it at the shanks. Mine runs with the compressor also, but I like Terd's idea of using a limit switch...
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    Tracking down a very small CO2 leak ...

    Thanks for the reply. It's currently sitting pressurized with all of the valves off, so the secondary gage is reading the pressure of gas in the regulator, the main hose, and the distribution header. The pressure is dropping, albeit very slowly. It's down to about 35psi from the original...
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    Tracking down a very small CO2 leak ...

    Thanks for all of the helpful replies, guys. Bought some high-end bubble stuff (sorry if I'm getting too technical) and cranked it up to 40psi, but couldn't find anything. Even used it on the regulator, including the relief valve. Detached my CO2 header and dunked it in a bucket of water ...
  14. 2puttbird

    Keezer Build Budget/Cost Ideas?

    My keezer is a 7 cu ft Frigidaire with a collar ... two taps ... I bought a brand new freezer and used some other expensive materials (plus, I bought 3-tap kit even though I only used 2 in the end, but that's a whole story by itself), so I ended up spending about $1,100 on mine, $684 of which...
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    Tracking down a very small CO2 leak ...

    Duh! Increase the pressure! Sometimes I'm too close to the problem to see other potential solutions. NivekD ... the second bottle leaked out with the original washer, and then I changed it when I got the third bottle ... sorry that I didn't explain that very well ... but that's definitely...