Topic: Beginner Brewing

6 Beginner Beer Recipes and Styles

We find ourselves in a golden era of beer. There are more breweries open in the United States than ever before, with more and more opening every day. Countless styles and amazing quality are at our fingertips, and tips of our tongues, in nearly every city in the country. As homebrewers, this massive quantity of… Read more »

Brewing With Cherries

There are a few main considerations to be aware of when you decide you’re going to add cherries to your homebrew. The quantity and type of cherries, their condition, and the brewing stage to add the fruit are all important aspects of preparing a delicious final product. What Type of Cherries Should I Use? When… Read more »

Homebrewing Year One: Equipment and Labels

I started homebrewing early in 2016 with no knowledge and with what a store owner told me was “everything I needed.” With every batch I brewed, I made mistakes, sought out more advice, and acquired more equipment. Now, after nine batches, I finally feel confident that when I invest time on brew day, I’ll end… Read more »

New or Used Fridge for a Fermentation Chamber?

I should probably begin with where I brew, as I believe this has played a huge role in my process. I live and brew in south Mississippi. Our 95 degree heat in the summer provides another challenge in the process of fermenting. I know what you are thinking, “Just put the fermenter in the cool… Read more »

Single Vessel Brewing Systems Pt2 – Reviews

In part one, I gave an overview of all the brewing systems that are reviewed in this second part. Blichmann BrewEasy 5-Gallon 240V The BrewEasy system follows the “some assembly required” concept. Arriving in multiple boxes, it took several hours as I jumped back and forth between multiple instruction booklets to get it all together…. Read more »

Water Conservation When Brewing

It is no secret that the single most prevalent ingredient in beer is water. But there is also an equal if not larger amount of water involved in the making of beer that does not become beer. This would be the water we use for cleaning, sanitizing, and cooling. Like myself, there are many other… Read more »

Hop Options for the Adventurous Brewer

Whether you love the bitter fruit and flower flavors of the American Cascade hop, the double bitterness punch of Centennial, or the herbal, piney goodness of Northern Brewer, hop-heads around the world have plenty of options when it comes to their favorite flowers. Most novice brewers are familiar with 5 to 10 different hops, but… Read more »

An Idiots Guide to Temperature Controllers

Up until now you’ve been fermenting your beer in the basement, or in that hall closet that stays nice and cool. What if you want to brew a saison that calls for higher fermentation temperature, want to try your hand at lagering, or even dial in your standard ale fermentations more precisely? You need a… Read more »

Oak Varieties and Shapes: A Comprehensive Overview

Perhaps it was sampling that delicious bourbon barrel stout that seduced you into contemplating a way to impart the taste of oak into a batch of homebrew. Maybe it was the scent of smoked grain mashing on brew day. Whatever your personal call to oak is, there are now a range of choices to give… Read more »

Which is Right for You? BIAB or Extract

I’ve been brewing now for what I consider some time–around 2 years–but I’ve done many batches. I believe that’s where the experience comes and not from the length of time. There’s one major thing that always hits me when I question if I would’ve done things differently. That is, I wish that someone would’ve explained… Read more »