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If I'm understanding your question... no, once the grain has taken it's share in the mash, you will get all of your sparge water back.

As far as the hops utilization, I will let a more experienced brewer address that one.

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Thanks for the great post... Did I miss something, or were there only 4 gallons of water boiled for the wart? I saw 2 gallons in one pot and two gallons in another pot, but did you have to add any water to the final wart (in the fermenter)?

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Probably a stupid question, but I wanted to ask it before I made a dramatic mistake.

I want to try a partial mash for my third brew. I have a 5.5 gallon stock pot dedicated solely as my brew pot, but I also have some miscellaneous large pots laying around my house. These have been used for cooking. Is there any harm in using one of them as my second pot? Can they absorb any sort of flavors that will end up in my beer?
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I wouldn't worry about it. I use my pots for multiple purposes all the time. Just make sure you give it a good cleaning first. At first I was using multiple pots place in a cooler stuffed with towels to maintain temp, and it was working great. Lately, though I have been using an igloo water cooler with a grain bag in it. You can get 5 gallon ones for $29; it holds the temp really well. If you splurge you can get a 10 gallon one for $39 at walmart and then you would be able to do some hefty grain bills as well as be able to replace the valve for a better set-up down the road if you wanted.
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There are tons of options for pots...and also lots of arguments, just search SS vs aluminum. The cheapest I've found is this... buy a turkey fryer for $49. Now you have a 7.5 gal aluminum pot, a propane burner, and full boil capabilities. It has drastically improved my beer. I'll be using these instructions today for a partial mash surely bender kit from NB. Thanks to the OP.

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I had a local shop cut down a few batches to 2.5g. Can I do closer to a full boil with the partial mash method or shoudl I stick with 1/2 the water that is suggested on page 1 of this thread?

I"m assuming I can use more but not less water than is suggested?
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Default Partial mash

I want to give this a shot soon, I have the grist set up, but I do have a noob-esk question. If I wanted to calculate my efficiency for the mash, would I use the volume just used to mash and take a gravity reading from that, or would I use the entire volume (mash and sparge mixed together) and take a gravity reading from that? Or does it even matter which volume I use to measure efficiency?

Thanks in advance. Great post by the way. It has inspired me!
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Brewed my hefeweizen this past weekend using this method, and I've gotta say I love it!
First batch I've made where my numbers came out as calculated!
Definitely sticking with this!
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Thanks for the help man!! Do you have any good Lager partial mash recipes??
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I am recently torn between a 3gallon cooler and a 5 gallon cooler. I am afraid that if i will mesh smaller amount in a bigger cooler, like 2 gallons in a 5 gallon cooler it will loose heat faster vs beeng filled up to the total capacity. Question How do you calculate your recepis for your partial meshes. I want to lern how to do this to use as much grain as i could.

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partial mash
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